Friday, June 20, 2008

Listen to me cough on Paltalk yesterday

Here's the first seven minutes of my interview yesterday on the Diana Falzone show on Paltalk. A word of warning, don't turn the volume up all the way at the beginning when it starts playing and you don't hear anything because suddenly the music will start and it will blow your eardrums out your ears and they will splatter on the walls and then you will have no eardrums and without eardrums you [pause while I figure out what exactly will happen]

Without eardrums, you will have no rhythm section inside your ears.

Also, as the music came on, Diana said "I like to dance to the music" and you can see for a split second I kind of considered it and then thought better of it, my moves being so good that I would probably make her look bad in comparison which isn't really a nice thing to do. It is her show, after all.

And special note to ToddRod: Yes, I am wearing The Shirt. But I'd only worn it twice on TV prior to this. (Once on Red Eye and once on F&F.)


Rbastid said...

Its like Adorable X2 (How I wish I knew how to make the little square 2 to put in the upper corner)

This made my last 7 minutes in work very not slamming my head into a desk-able. Despite trying to scroll up in the little chat thing just to remember its a video.

Diana is right about the dog thingy, its a fun ice breaker. I find if someone can get 10-15 drinks inside me I'm more likely to talk to someone and approach them, but thats just me. If a girl is more fun and outgoing I think its easier to talk to them because you can assume they won't blow you off.

Now off to Banana Republic because I need to find a Lilac dress shirt, since that'll pick up the ladies ; ;

Joe said...

That's pretty cool. I didn't realize there was video. I'll have to make time to watch the next time you're on, Alison.

The Paltalk moderator needs to spell your name right, though. Until then I will refer to Diana's show as Palltalk with Diana Fallzone.

Re: using dogs to pick up other people. I think it was Seinfeld who said his dog used to use him to pick up other dogs. I guess it works both ways.

Thanks for the warning about the volume. I still started to go for the volume control at the beginning until I remembered what you said.

Brett said... and are still available, you best be quick and register them.

Also, I'm skeptical on two things.

First, I find it hard to believe you present yourself as uncomfortable in social situations and I'm not just stroking your ego here, but you're awfully quick witted. Then again I don't know you and maybe you're all nervous and flustered when you're first meeting someone you're interested in.

The second thing are little dogs being something that attracts men. A pretty girl with a little toy dog in a park is going to do nothing but make me think "Oh, another one of those people." Now a pretty girl with a Lab or a dog like that would totally peak my interest.

Ted from Accounting said...

Now that was too freakin cool! Was it only 7 minutes? I tried to figure out how to see the rest but couldn't!

If my lazy ass could have gotten up before 9:30 AM (PST), I would totally have gone on that program and "raised my hand" to ask the guest a question. I know that I come across as a shy and insecure blogger but if I'm talking on a mic, it is hard to shut me up!

Great job Miss Rosen! Yeah, when it first started, I could see you were about to get jiggy wit it...then the conservative Alison took over! Blah!

Toddrod said...

You know Alison, I feel kinda guilty about "The Shirt" now! I was trying to tease you, but the truth is, I love your taste in clothing on tv. You should see me at work. Everyday I wear pretty much the same thing, polo shirt and khaki pants, or jeans. My goodness, I am so boring! I wish I could be on that show "What Not To Wear." However, it seems like the episodes when they have men are kinda dull.