Friday, June 20, 2008

Bean Soup

A good headline for an article about poisonous soup would be "From the ladle to the grave."

Incidentally, what the hell is going on with me and puns today? Maybe this is some reaction to going freelance. Some kind of final pun flurry before my brain accepts that I no longer have to write headlines? Or maybe I'm actually slowly losing my mind?


Anonymous said...

Quote of the Good example of Puns:

"If you don't like Mcdonalds or Burger-king, then you must be one ugly Fudderucker......"

----Colonel Sanders

(Also, "Wendy's" got some nice "Buns" if you strike her "In-and-Out" at her "Taco Bell". Too bad she leaves you as fast as "Sonic" the Hedgehog once you start to do a hot "Carl's Jr." on her .I'll just go watch Harold and Kumar 3: the return to "White Castle" instead of "Jacking the Box around" whatever that means...)

Sincerely, Dave "The dead although I don't feel dead but I am dead yet my legacy ain't dead but how the hell can I type this message when I'm dead" Thomas

---Beat this Pun Post you Bun Flippin Finger Lickin Beef eating Ketchup Splattering suckers

Toddrod said...

Now I have that U2 song stuck in my head!

You say you want diamonds and rings of gold
You say you want your story remain untold,
But all the promises we made,
From the ladle to the grave,
When all I want is stew.


Hugh said...

Soups a daisy.
I got thrown for a soup.
Soupy Sales shells six shrimps.