Saturday, June 21, 2008


The blurriness of the reel on youtube was bothering me so I uploaded it to Vimeo. Seeing if this is any better. The problem here though is that all my other videos are on youtube so I like the idea that if someone is watching on youtube and wants to see more they are like "oh, 45 more videos!" or whatever as opposed to here where there are three videos, each of which was, I think, a blurriness test. Plus, all the comments on youtube. My precious precious comments like "Rosen yid bitch hahaha." You know?

Alison Rosen's extended reel--now 33% more awesome! from Alison Rosen on Vimeo.


Ted from Accounting said...

Yeah that clip is way clearer and even better to watch the second time through in as many days! :)

I did see that comment on your Youtube page a while back and all I have to say is people can be such assholes at times!

Whether it's Blogger, Youtube, Vimeo, wearing the same shirt on doesn't matter because you rock! Joking about the shirt of course!

Red Eye Quote of the Year, "Excuse me but is my talking getting in the way of your interrupting?"

Ted from Accounting said...

Hey, what is a seductive font? I've found that Ariel Black just doesn't cut it! Do you think I should go more Calibri (Body) or Comic Sans? I need some expert advice!

Toddrod said...

Hey Ted! I just left the Activity Pit. I just wasn't into it anymore. Is that why you left? I am not anti-Activity Pit, but I just got bored with it, and there were things about it that just didn't appeal to me.


Joe said...

Now see that's strange...

I've been watching you for almost a year now, Alison, and until this very minute I thought you were naturally a little blurry. Seriously. If you walked up to me on the street and said, "Hi, I'm Alison Rosen", I would have said, "Huh? No, you can't be. You're not blurry like Alison is. There does seem to be a bit of a resemblance though."

So why aren't the videos clearer on YouTube? Is Vimeo like the HDTV of the online video world?