Saturday, March 28, 2009

Q&A vlog


Prototype 3: Rise of the Machine said...

Haha, that was great! Love the sound effects!

I didn't know you had a rabbit. I have a rabbit, too! His name is Fluffy.

When you drink, are you a heavy drinker?

Thanks for vlogging, Alison!

Joe said...

I know what you mean by riding in a stinky car. When I was growing up, both my mother and father smoked and it drove me crazy. In the winter when the windows were up, the car was just filled with smoke and I'm sure it aggravated my allergies (I had them really bad when I was young).

But then my father stopped smoking when I was 13 -- but not exactly by choice. He started hemmoraging huge amounts of blood one Saturday morning and almost died on the way to the hospital.

The doctors removed half of one of his lungs. The scar went from the middle of his chest, down under ribs, and all the way up his back. They virtually cut him in half. I think he was in the hospital for 3 weeks. Anyway, the doctor told him to stop smoking or eventually they'd have to take out his other lung too. Since you can live very long without lungs, he decided to stop smoking.

And so that's why I've never wanted to (and never have) smoked anything.

Haven't watched Red Eye yet. I will this afternoon!

Joe said...

BTW Alison, I don't know who changed your picture on your Activity Pit group. It had to be either Kim Flynn, Malone or the Arquette Sisters. Did you want it changed, or would you like it changed back?

Trapp said...

Personally, I liked the smelly butt ashtray car something's in my eye story.

It had it all, thrills, mystery, suspense, adventure, romance, sex in the bathroom,

Did I hear someone say, "Broadway musical?"

karpaydm said...

You're the best Alison. Even when you talk mostly about nothing, the way you do it is so damn adorable.

Prototype3: Is Fluffy short for Fluffer? :)


Prototype 3: Rise of the Machine said...

karpaydm - Ha, nah, just Fluffy.

Trapp - When did you turn into Scruff McGruff?

Falkenhayn said...

Because I write (not very well) still wandering about palanquin or Dustin's other word..... by the way please review more things without seeing them. Oh and the Wendy thing great as always.... shhh dont tell her she is hillarious.

It Takes Balls said...

Totes adorbs even when you're exhausted. Have you considered a pet rock. Extremely low maintenance and an effective sleep aid(like HeadOn, you apply directly to the forehead).

I hope you feel better


Toddrod said...

Hey Joe, my dad had something kinda similar but not nearly as bad as your dad. Both of my parents used to smoke, but my dad got very sick when I was in 6th grade. His smoking caused him to develop asthma when he was in his early 30s. He quit smoking. I haven't smoked as a result. My mom, unfortunately, still smokes. Oh well.


Joe said...

Todd, yeah smoking can really screw you up. I guess my father had been coughing up blood for a while, but only small amounts until that morning. The doctor told my mother he was probably going to die, but thankfully they were able to pull him through.

I'll never forget seeing the scar though. Frankenstein would have been jealous.

Awesome appeaerance on Red Eye, Alison!!

Trapp said...

Proto, I was experimenting with drawing in photoshop, as opposed to just scanning them. But drawing with a mouse sucks.

It wasn't intended to be the crime dog. But we golden retrievers do all look the same!

I'll keep working my way through the animal kingdom. Sooner or later I'll hit upon the right one for me. Maybe an aardvark.

Ted from Accounting said...

You looked so tired in that clip...I felt so bad for you...but you were still funny & cute! I hope you slept like a baby after that!


Told you dear, you need to start doing STRONG-RANGE TRAINING once a week at the gym leg pressing heavy weights and benching as heavy weights as possible.

When you increase the amount of stress you endure to MUCH HIGHER LEVELS than what you encounter each day or anytime throughout the week it will make your eye tick or whatever you call it disappear.

I promise it will work.