Friday, March 27, 2009

Friday stuff

Wendy and I chatted about pants.

Also, I'm on Red Eye tonight.

Also, my toe kind of hurts.

Also, I'm uploading a couple videos of Diana Falzone and me right now but they are taking forever. FOREVER!


It Takes Balls said...

"- often I'll wear them in the morning, take a shower, and then put them back on
- that's when I really feel good about the way my life is going"


Have my babies? I promise that we can put them up for adoption if they aren't cute.

Looking forward to seeing you on Red Eye tonight. Alison Rosen: If beauty were a hooker, she'd come at a cost

Joe said...

In the Seinfeld episode The Seven, Jerry goes out with a woman who wears the same outfit on every date. He tells George about it:

GEORGE: The same outfit?

JERRY: The exact same outfit.

GEORGE: You know, Einstein wore the exact same outfit every day.

JERRY: Well, if she splits the atom, I'll let it slide.

Toddrod said...

I made a comment in the Wendy/Alison blog, but the comment may offend someone. I really don't think I've ever heard that expression before by a woman... regarding women.

It was interesting.


Falkenhayn said...

Alison was Dustin's other word palanquin?

Toddrod said...

Your toe could be gout! Make sure you have it checked out by a qualified physician!


P.S. My verification word is "unblessu" :o

Ted from Accounting said...

Have a great time tonight Ro Ro! Okay, your secret blogger shout out will be to mention "fail whale" during the show! Good luck Agent Rosen we know you can accomplish the mission!

Scott said...


Right on! I just saw that Phil Hendrie is going to be on Red Eye with you tonight.

I think that guy is funnier than hell even if he is a lib.

You should kiss up to him Alison--give him your card and try to get on his national Radio Show sometime--he's got a HUGE audience. It would be great exposure for you.

Anyway, have a great show A Ro--I'll be staying up past by bedtime to watch it.

Tootle Pip

PS--If any of my fellow AMR fans here are members of the Activity there tonight and log onto the 'Chat Room' during Red Eye's airing so we can all watch and comment on Alison's appearance in real time!!

Anonymous said...

"Sh*t, I thought I would be the first one to post. I was waiting next to my computer like a crazy guy sleeping next to the mall on the night prior to some important sales event or perhaps the debut of a really good movie."

Harrison said...

They must like you on RedEye even though they tease you. Interesting blog. Will watch RedEye.

Anonymous said...

You were bombstastic on Red Eye as always - Howard Dean booty call comment was a hoot..though a scary visual (only redeemed by your inclusion, but Howie proposing any kind of physical contact on a help-less human being, especially you is so...hold on...................
'Kay, I'm back. My skin was crawling; I had to retrieve it. I convinced some friends who co-wrote a script with me to journey into Alison Land (they weren't familiar with you 'til now). They get it! Cool. The script is kind of a horror anthology, but not gross and bloody. It's smarter than most genre material (we hope), has a sense of humor (we think) and it's scary (how long this reply is). Anyway, we're working the attachment process (and no, we don't do that between shifts at Arbys). We're all in the biz (gross, that sounds really gross, but it had to be said -dammit). Anyway, your IMDB profile doesn't reflect any formal acting background (it should also cover your comedy and music background come to think of it), but you would be bombarama... truly. The natural appeal is just...there. Have you trained at all?

Tom R.

By the way, I'm not electronic communication savvy (I'm one of those old fashioned souls that thinks human voices communicating is better than twittering messages to 30 people about a Happy Hour meet-up only to get the same 3 people to turn out who you would have phoned stupid). Anyway, I mention it because I don't know how to interpret your identity selection I'll go with "anonymous" I guess, but I'm Tom, sometimes Thom, if I'm bored with Tom. You rock!

Jaqob Jackson said...

Sweet performance on Red Eye last night A-Ros!!

You seemed more witty and together somehow. Not sure how. Or why. But you did seem that way. To me, at least.

The big strong cup of peppermint tea I was drinking may have contributed to my experience of you on the show, but I think you were solid. Solid as a rock. A funny and witty rock.

Sucked that they didn't plug anything of yours at the end of the show! They just said "and Alison Rosen, bye".


You gotta knee Gutfeld in the balls next time you come on for that shit!

Jaqob Jackson luvs y-o-u