Saturday, March 28, 2009

Rotating basil potatoes

I have two things to say.

1. This Meyer's countertop spray in basil scent which I bought because I liked the packaging doesn't really work in terms of cleaning but boy, it sure smells good!

2. I passed a second hand furniture place today and there was a table on display with a small sticker in the corner which said "top potatoes." It drew me in because it made no sense. Upon closer examination I saw that it said "top rotates." The whole thing reminded me of "easy pickles."


Joe said...

Here's a top potato! And he's pretty darn happy about it too.

Prototype 3: Rise of the Machine said...

Where do you find these products? Like, I've never heard of these brands before. First, "Hood" milk, now this? Shopping with you would be one hell of an adventure!

Punched any ladies in the head lately?

Trapp said...

I'm really glad you posted that link. Always responding with "Easy Pickles" is an ingenious way to get someone to stop saying "Cool Beans".

In reference to the last smelly car post, maybe this new basil product would kill the smell in the car. If not, you could always just spray the driver.

And Proto, has Alison "punched any ladies in the head"? Did I miss something?

Prototype 3: Rise of the Machine said...

Trapp: Here ya go -

That was back during last Christmas break.

Hey for drawing using a mouse that's pretty good! Normally I'd just draw on paper and scan.

Prototype 3: Rise of the Machine said...

Trapp, you're on TV right now! Tony Orlando is doing one of those paid programming type commercials for some 70s romance album (TimeLife presents "Romancing the 70s"). It's on CBS. Dude, you're legit!

Ted from Accounting said...

I have to buy Granite counter-top cleaner...I don't even know if it works or doesn't work any better than Windex! WTF is basil scent!?!?!

10th member of Slipknot said...

As a new and recent blogger, is easy pickles something I missed out ? Seems like a reference to something of the past that's why.

Falkenhayn said...

The whole pickles thing was funny but made me nostalgic(hows that spelled?) Anyway I taught at a pre-school for several years and this adorable little girl used to bring in pickles every morning for breakfast. Really it was a bit wierd but I liked her so instead of calling her wierdo I called her Pickles.... Dont know if I ever said Easy, Pickles.

Oh as an aside she really loved Barney which was vaguely annoying but might have been an oppurtunity to say Easy there on the Barney, Pickles.

My word is abryrse which makes me think of wind. And I may still be drunk which means I prolly spent too much money last night.

Trapp said...

Good old Tony Orlando. I've got to try and catch that infomercial.