Sunday, March 29, 2009

Interviews with Michael Showalter, part 1

So yesterday I interviewed Michael Showalter (Stella, The State, Wet Hot American Summer) for about an hour and now I have all this footage which I'm trying to figure out how to best cut into a series of awesome and hard-hitting interviews. Also, we plan to do more since we barely scratched the surface of all the important things we wanted to talk about like reality TV and other TV. Also, sexual fetishes. Anyway, as I was putting together the first one, above, I was faced with the choice of editing it so it's a little slicker and professional seeming and probably faster paced or leaving in the super awkward sort of in-between exchanges which I did because that's the closest in spirit to the original radio interviews and I was thinking this will be like those radio interviews brought to life. And yet today I'm thinking maybe a little of ME goes a long way and also, maybe that wasn't the best part of those radio interviews anyway. Also, I'm torn because fans of me (hi guys!) who are watching these will probably like (?) the beginning stuff but then fans of Michael Showalter will just want more of him and WHAT TO DO? This is why I need a professional editor. Also, someone to make opening titles. And a theme song. Also I should fix a lot of those titles since the fonts are all weird.

So maybe I'll go back and whittle down this interview and then we can do a comparison? Or maybe I won't. Hm.


ec gladstone said...

So, do you think out loud like this to the people close to you as well... i.e. the people very close to you? I'm just wondering because maybe I would want to rethink this whole long distance stalking thing. it's kind of killing the fantasy to think that if I actually was your boyfriend I would have to wear earplugs and pop adivan. Or maybejustmaybe you are projecting this image to keep all the freak boys at bay. because hey, fans are one thing, Mark David Chapman is another. It's a fine line. Just saying. Anyway, where were we? The subject of editing? Oh well, you know it really is dangerous to stifle genius, and with you and Showalter in one room, I'm amazed the sprinklers didn't go off. That's right, I mean h-o-double cross. Anyway, where where were we? Oh yes, editing. Yeah, it's a good idea. I'm all for it.

alison said...

as much as I'm no fan of less than glowing feedback I'm hugely amused by: "it's kind of killing the fantasy to think that if I actually was your boyfriend I would have to wear earplugs and pop adivan."

Toddrod said...

So far.... this is great! It doesn't even seem like an interview yet. It's kinda like a covert interview! Wait. Have you started the interview? Or is this just a muddled beginning? I don't care! I love it! I don't even know who this person is!