Wednesday, March 04, 2009

More Reasons Not to Date Me

This is part 2 of the scintillating koala bear discussion!


JimK said...

I am NOT a 38 year old man who only this year donated his "huggin teddy" to his cat for...well, humping, but that is a WHOLE other comment and something I will not to go into right now.

Anyway, I totally did NOT save that bear for decades and just give it to the cat for her little cat games. Nope. Not me. Did. Not. Happen.


Tonight at the end of REDEYE Gutfeld had like 5 extra seconds left after he got through all the guests promoting their....stuff.

And instead of making up for the major screwup a few days ago of not having time for you he just WASTED those seconds without even trying to encourage people to visit or anything like that to promote you.

I am telling you this so you will flog the gut more furiously when you run across him on REDEYE next week.

Oh yeah, if I want you to sign anything for me I will probably get it to Andrew WK (on REDEYE March 11) and have him get it to you to sign as a way of protecting my location.



Advanced Prototype 2.0 said...

Whoa! You mean to tell me you once had a "menage a koa(-la)"? Frisky!

Aww...that's cute, Alison. Although I don't think that koala really serves as much of a deterrent as you'd anticipate or all. It's having the opposite effect on me. That koala makes me like you even more! Hooray for marsupials!

Joe said...

Greg opened the show last night with, "Welcome to Red Eye - it's like The Facts of Life but we've waterboarded Natalie."

I must say I've never had a 3-way with a stuffed animal. You're ahead of me on that front, Miss R.

Brett Jones said...

I pledge to use "Open up, Applesauce" at some point during the course of my day.

karpaydm said...

Yeah, and you were unpopular and ugly in high school too right? I am not buying it!

So do you stage your apartment at all before these vlogs? This is the first time I paid attention to the background and I saw a vacuum cleaner so I am assuming you cleaned for us. Thanks. A bottle of water - perhaps to clean off the video screen if you accidentally spit on it? And I think I saw a magic 8 ball. Is that what you use to answer your Q&A vlogs?

Toddrod said...

The body language that Alison begins to display at about 3:55 of this video is amazing! The way she touched her chin, it was as if she was checking to make sure she wasn't drooling a little in addition to her looking back at a fond memory. THEN, she begins to play with her hair! OMG, every man knows what that means! She was having feelings of attraction! Now, who is this mystery man that has no name that caused Alison to bring her Koala world and her dating world together? I now can't believe at one time, I thought Alison might be a lesbian.


Tedtastic said...

Somewhat shocking but I can deal with this revelation...however, you will have to understand when I bring my life sized "Barney" the Purple dinosaur to bed with us....the four of us will be quite comfy if we have a Cal. king!