Tuesday, March 03, 2009

To The People Who Want Me To Sign Something

Hey so some of you requested that I sign copies of various things and while I don't yet have a PO Box because I'm lazy and, well, yeah that's pretty much it, I realized how we can do this. Announce yourselves again and I'll post the address where you should send whatever in the comments. Yay!


Toddrod said...

I wanna send the Maxim magazine with the article you had written about Gina Carano. Also, would you consider spraying your article with your favorite perfume? Uh, I'm not sure why I asked that!

Toddrod the Meringue!

Advanced Prototype 2.0 said...

Yay! Same goes for me. I would like for you to sign that article. Oh, and is it all right if I slipped in a printout photo of you (on those glossy photo paper) to sign? Also, would you consider spraying the article with your saliva? Or favorite saliva?

Damn, this is such an "FU" to Gina Carano right now. But oh well, not like she'll find me and put me into an armbar or anything.

Alison Rosen *> Gina Carano

*Except when fighting.

Anonymous said...

"Can we also have a lock of your hair as well your autograph.This is how freaky I'am....."

Tedtastic said...

Is this the latest Maxim issue we are talking about!?!?!?! I looked through one with Eliza Dushku on the cover but didn't see Alison's article in it....Let me know if it's in this issue and I will buy it.

I want Gina and Alison's autograph....

Alison can write, "To my little Tostada Bell Grande Ted"

Gina can write, "To my lil' bitch Ted!"

Scott said...

I want in!

When you get around to not being lazy just go get a PO Box, they're relatively inexpensive. Or maybe you could have us send the stuff to Fox, Attn: 'Alison Rosen from Red Eye' so they're aware of your ever expanding fan base.

Anyway, I'll even send the Pic of you I want autographed in a self addressed stamped envelope to make it easy for you.

David B said...

Weird, I'm not sure what you could sign for me. If I was a woman and you were Gene Simmons I would have you sign my boobs, but alas that is only wishful thinking. Hum, I guess you could sign your non-camera ready bra, the one you spoke to Anna about, I guess that would be too strange. I just don't know, what would you like to sign for me? Ideas....

Toddrod said...

Actually now that I think about it, can you sign Anna David and send her to me?

Toddrod the Meringue

Tedtastic said...

Also, I went to that website that Anna posted where you learn about your name....did you know for Alison Rosen it said your personal power animal is a Colombian Cougar!?!?! The first time I read it, I thought it said you "were" a Colombian Cougar! Then I was like, she's not Colombian!

Advanced Prototype 2.0 said...

Ted - Yeah, that's the one. It's that 2-page spread of Gina. The interview is right there and at the end, you can see Alison's name.

Yeah, everything should be sent with a self-addressed stamped envelope. I wouldn't feel half the man I am today if I were to send it without one. It's like a date, except with stamps.

Tedtastic said...

"Contribute to the cause! (The cause is me trying to get a web show up and off the ground)"

Is this for real!?!?!?! More details! I'm down for the cause but will it be like PalTalk or what?

Trapp said...

Everyone's really putting me to shame. The competition is fierce.

So far, requests have been made for perfume, bodily fluids, hair, underwear, and an actual human being. Additionally, Ted wants you to tattoo him, and Toddrod would like to be placed in the oven and baked like a meringue.

I'm backed into a corner, with nowhere else to go.

Alison, you can chop off one of my body parts.

I mean it. You want a tooth? Take it. Rip off one of my eyebrows? Go right ahead. Sever my legs below the knees? My pleasure.

But whatever your choice, please autograph it for me.

karpaydm said...

This is so cool! I will be sending a marriage license with our names on it. Just sign by the X. Wow, this is like winning the lottery. Only I won't share you with all of my long lost cousins.

My current wife is going to LOVE this.

Wait, you don't smell like Fritos, do you? Cuz THAT would be awesome!

Karpaydm (Scott)

Tedtastic said...

Scott, you can't have her sign the Marriage License unless I return the divorce certificate for her to sign...it's just not legal! At this point, I'm only requesting, "Alison Booya Rosen" to be inked across my left bicep...continuing across my shoulder blades and down to my right bicep! This shall be in 2 inch block letters! Down each leg shall be "Blinky" and "Bobo." I will sport a speedo to the luncheon so all the fans can see!

Thanks 2.0, I'll grab that magazine and run out of the 7-11 next time I'm in there! They've never caught me yet!

alison said...

Ok, if you want me to sign something or want to snail mail me something send it to me care of:

Josh Flaherty
William Morris Agency
1325 Avenue of the Americas
New York, NY 10019

Don't forget to include a self-addressed stamped envelope!

I look forward to parcel upon parcel!