Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Thoughts You Have While Falling Asleep

You know how when you're falling asleep or just waking up or basically phasing in and out of sleep you can be having a fairly normal chain of thoughts and then you'll have one bizarre one and that's how you'll know you were starting to fall asleep? It happened to me once while I was driving, which is a true story. I was driving back to Claremont from Santa Barbara (where I saw Lenny Kravitz and Blind Melon. Go ahead and judge me!) and suddenly I saw the Michelin Man and bunch of confetti out the left window. Soon after I felt speed bumps and my friend, who'd also fallen asleep, saying, "Are you falling asleep?" while punching me in the shoulder. "I was in the middle of an amazing dream!" I yelled at him. Then we crashed and died.

Well anyway, last night I was thinking that I really need to do something about my recycling/trash bin situation. Right now I have a lot of this going on:

That's, from left to right: trash, paper and cardboard, bottles and whatever else goes with bottles (glasses and wonderful conversation, am I right?!?!?!?!) and another trash bag.

But I really should get something like this:

Or maybe something like this:

And then next to that I should definitely get this:

Yes, that's right. A thing to blow up balloons in my kitchen.


Greg! said...

If 'Balloon Time' inflated the balloons with Nitrous Oxide, you might just be on to something.

Joe said...

Hey Suzy Homemaker, where's your compost pile? You ain't green unless you got a compost pile.

Brandon Myhre said...

I am conflicted about leaving the following comment, due to the fact that I have already posted it on your Facebook. Is it against proper internet etiquette to include a specific comment more than once in more than one medium, is it just annoying, or is it just not that funny? Perhaps I will Twitter that inquiry for your next Q&A Vlog installment. Comment as follows:

“I have always wanted to see your junk. Nice.”

Advanced Prototype 2.0 said...

Forget that weak ass "Balloon Time" tank. You can borrow one of my NOS tanks.