Saturday, March 14, 2009

Meet my new couch! Also: bell peppers


Prototype 3: Rise of the Machine said...

Damn, another one already? NO, Alison, NO!!! As much as I normally like a lot of posts in one day, particularly vlogs, today is the wrong day to be going off on them! I'm trying to concentrate on writing my final papers (which are due Monday), but yet whenever I get notification from you, I can't help but to come here to check them out! Must. Punish. Myself. Right. Now.

That would be the coffee couch, right? The color that I VOTED on?! Yes. The Prototype sure does have some good taste buds, doesn't he?

It's funny, you two are name-dropping all these people, yet I never even heard of them.

Prototype 3: Rise of the Machine said...

Every time I type the word "couch," I'm always afraid of mistakenly typing "cooch" instead. But luckily, I haven't made that mistake yet.

Just imagine..."how bout that coffee cooch, huh Alison?" "Is that cooch comfy or what?" "Did you break in your coffee cooch yet?"


I too hate variety of diet since it makes for chaos when shopping for food at WAL-MART each week.

Dustin is CLEARLY the better camera operator - except when he gets himself on video he cuts the bottom off at just above his lips so you see his eyes and nose lol

One more reason to try the MOVE-IN method using a stationary camera that I recommended a few minutes ago in your last vlog post.

You're welcome.



Another strategy for getting both of you in view of the camera would be to have one of you closer to the video and the other a little off to the side further back.

you could do an entire VLOG just on different positions to use when having 2 people do a VLOG together.

Maybe you could write a book together and call it The Kama Sutra of VLOGing.



Your BFF Ted said...

wOOt, it's Mr. Goot!

I totally admit I'm a douche bag! My fellow MENSA members encourage me to embrace my role in life.

Hopefully Dustin comes to the RosenFan Club luncheon...I'll buy all of us a round of shots!

Trapp said...

I believe in embracing my inner douche bag.

If we were all in college together, that couch would so not be there when you woke up in the morning.