Saturday, March 14, 2009

Dustin and I discuss the word douche bag, fart jokes, catering to your audience and the Dane Cook dilemma

Wow, there' some intense douchebaggy letterboxing action happening here.


Prototype 3: Rise of the Machine said...

I definitely agree with what Dustin had to say in the beginning of this clip. Fuck that word. It's just as played out as Dane Cook, another unfunny guy who definitely tries too hard.

Or have a cat blow up in your face?


Its a douchey douchey world filled with douchebags and douche-nozzles.

Fav recent pic of yours from DF's website.




Do you think taht the rampant use of words like DOUCHEBAG reflect negatively on women and their having to clean up their vaginas with douching products (i.e. Massengill).

I bet radical feminists hate the use of the word douche.

FUN FACT: Douche is French for shower!

MR said...

what's with all the hating on 'funnyman' Dane Cook?

love it.

warren the turd said...

I agree with prototype and Dustin on the douchebag premise but there is something about the sound of"douche" not with the "bag" or "y"
just plain "douche" that is always effective and I think always will of my favorites( which ties into your fart joke)is "smelly douche" i've found that for some reason with women much more than men, when you include the adjectives "fat","smelly",and "stupid" it really becomes effective.It can be all three or just one or two combined with the original offensive word..I personally love "daft twat" which applies to men as well..but "fat,smelly,daft twat" is always more effective,as used by the character "berbie"? in trainspotting(the crazy guy,who was always pissed off like Ben kingsley in "Sexy Beast")Anyway,i don't think these terms of endearment, as i like to call them, will be going away anytime soon.
There are some other words i think are played out like "creepy" and "gay" ...I think they are actaually more lame than "douche".But that's a whole other can of dingleberries..some new one's to me, that i like lately are"hampster hider"(richard gere reference?) or in the toielt arena "drop a duce" so much more creative than "take a crap" But that's just me.Once again,Alison,your blog/vlog's are dealing with the important issues of our time and more importantly,tackeling the "unspoken" things we all really want to talk about.Thank you..keep up the good work.

WFG said...

This disapproves of Dane Cook, at least as I interpret it. It is a 5 star video. 5 Stars, People!

Your BFF Ted said...

Q: Why did the fart cross the road?

A: It was stuck in the chicken's pants.

Not sure if that will be as funny tomorrow!

karpaydm said...

I prefer to call a person a "bag of douche". Or "bag o' douche" if they are Irish.

WFG said...

Who the hell isn't Irish these days> The word verification today is comfy. Snuggie time? I think so.

Jeremey said...

I disagree with the contention that there are no funny fart jokes. Thus the old standard:

What's invisible and smells like carrots?

Bunny farts!

The exclamation point is kind of the deal-sealer.

Toddrod said...

Do you think Alison was talking about another Todd at 24-25 seconds of this vid? Anyway, Thanks Alison for not laughing too much after you said that. I have a feeling that before you make these videos that you must say, "I don't think I can say that because Todd will fuckin' say something again!"