Sunday, March 01, 2009

Look, it's another 30 Seconds On...

After staying up half the night trying in vain to import* a video and failing because I don't have enough room on my hard drive I decided to go nuts and buy a 1TB external hard drive. This means I can store everything in the whole world on it, or so I've been led to believe. I'm going to start by loading puppies onto it. In other news, here is this video. I decided to leave the extraneous chatter at the beginning in here even though I suspect Dustin will think I should have edited it out because the way I see it, without it, the whole thing would just be too slick and professional seeming. We're kind of always at constant risk of that.

*from China. Weekend at Bernie's Three.


EDinATL said...

Dude I'm so proud of you, I just bought a 1TB external drive myself!! You know what else I got with it? A Flip Video MinoHD!! I hope they read this and realize the marketing potential of sending you free stuff.

I got the Western Digital MyBook from for just under $100. I couldn't resist, I think I've waited my whole life for a deal like that.

I think you are pretty smart. I mean, I do computer stuff real real good you know? (Notice I use proper grammar to impress you) And but so you are kicking my ass in the gadget area, but NOT ANYMORE!

I too have a MacBook(Pro in my case) and I too could use that storage for that price. I beat you fair and square by getting the drive just days before you mentioned yours. That's fine because the Flip Video MinoHD is sick as hell.

Sure, I spent my entire life learning computers, but you can come along and own on my scene like you've been here for years.

Seriously though, great job on technology selections. It's totally awesome to be learning things from you like that.

A wise MC Chris said "Nerd girl I don't deserve you, I don't get the references that you refer to..." "NRRRD GRRRL" check it, it's worth your time.

Advanced Prototype 2.0 said...

Who's pad is this?

Joe said...

Importing a movie from China? Don't you know you're supposed to buy American? Or at least illegally download American?

I read a statistic the other day that said 694,000 songs are illegally downloaded in the world every 5 MINUTES. I'm thinking Ted is responsible for about half of those.

Anonymous said...

"Weekend at Bernie's 3: Dead Man Woking. Setting is in CHina.MOvie probably going straight to DVD."

Brett Jones said...

Lap duvet or comforter..... it goes without answer. A riveting cliff hanger. I will tune in next time.

Tedtastic said...

That is a mighty impressive hard drive you have there Miss Rosen!


Actually Joe, my music collection is rather freakin large (pushing 120 GBs) if I do say so myself! I love it love it love it love it! Favorite all-time band is Fleetwood Mac!

Dude, I even have all the Angoras stuff....favorite tune is still "Sick Dance" (An Awesome Song for you Blog Creatures to listen too).