Sunday, March 01, 2009

Clips from Friday night's Red Eye

Thanks to Joe McDonald for making this video!


not you said...

just watched red eye on my tivo and checking out your blog cause i never heard of you, thought you were rather funny, but you have some weird ass people commenting on your page. shit, now i'm one of them.


Guess who I saw last night on TV??


I saw you on the Mr. T bio on A&E!

It was kind of strange to have just watched your vlogs on here and then as I am drinking hot chocolate and getting ready for bed see you come up on the big plasma screen TV.

That was one sweet bio.

Joe said...

Wow - what phenomenal editing!

We all need to remind Andy that he owes Alison an extra long post-game segment this Friday. But at least this time Greg said Alison's name at the opening and didn't have a "teleprompter problem."

I thought that was the best show of the whole week!

Trapp said...

In my ongoing efforts to improve my status here among the Alisonian bloggers, I have adopted this brand new look!!!

What do you think?

Alison, it was great to see you on Redeye. You were great.

And I agree that this video is very well done.

Toddrod said...

Joe! Awesome editing job as always. If there was only a way you could have put in some "thought bubbles" at the very end, when Alison got dissed for post-game, we could have had a lot more fun. My thought bubble for Alison would be, "I am SOO kicking your ass for this Gutfeld!" and the my thought bubble for Greg would be, "Damn, Rosen's size 5s are gonna be in my colon as soon as we are off the air." Poor Alison! I felt so bad for her, cuz these small moments on the air could mean big bucks in her really cool colorful purse that she is supposed to buy soon.


Toddrod said...

Uh.. Trapp? Is that a kitty version of Joe? hahahaha

Tedtastic said...

That does look like the Kitty version of Joe's avatar! LOL

Alison you look so good in that outfit! Like really freakin beautiful! This is by far my favorite look for you...totally a step above BoBo!

Gentleman can we give this outfit a name!?!?!?

I'm thinking it could be named one of the Ghosts from pacman:

Blinky, Inky, Pinky or Clyde

Blinky is kind of cute...

Blinky and BoBo


Tedtastic said:

"Gentleman can we give this outfit a name!?!?!?

Blinky is kind of cute...

Blinky and BoBo"

Yes, I like Blinky as a name for the look also. Sounds a lot like the word "bling", but without the ghetto-urban edge to it. More like what a 13 year-old girl would say to describe an outfit.

If Alison uses Blinky on a show with Katrina Szish one of these nights and then Szish uses it later on in her work it could catch on.



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