Monday, March 02, 2009

Getting To Know Alison (wherein I totally humiliate myself)

I feel I'll regret this video and yet, here it is. Enjoy!


Advanced Prototype 2.0 said... cute. How come that koala doesn't have a mouth?

Kurtis said...

Good try but you can't get rid me that easy. It is going to take much more than a stuffed animal on your bed to break my crush.

Brett Jones said...

Tails of spooning with your childhood security animal. If this blog and all the vlogs are some sort of public therapy session, I think this could be considered a breakthrough Alison.

I can not wait for the next session.

jlafount said...

Can you speak about your faith? I'm nonreligious but curious about your thoughts

TechDribble said...

Therapy via vlog I assume Dustin is charging appropriate therapist rates. :)

Tedtastic said...

Do you pay Mr. Goot to appear with you? I'm just saying...not many guys are willing to go on camera with stuffed animals!


This was interesting, but not very revealing about you as a person save for your assertion that you seem to find a problem with EVERYTHING.

I would love to hear you respond to the previous questions I've asked you:

Do you have a list of STANDARD QUESTIONS that you ask yourself often? Say, weekly or monthly, to make sure you are keeping on track and moving in the right direction with your life?

Do you have a specific CREEDAL AFFIRMATION that you have written out that you hold to?

And if you wanted to get to know someone what are THE 5 ESSENTIAL QUESTIONS you would ask them in order to get a firm grasp of what sort of person they are??


Joe said...

I love that video!

Alison, it's a perfect day to talk about Koala because today is Old Stuff Day!

My favorite present growing up was probably a bike. But it's frustrating when you live in Connecticut and get a bike for Christmas because you have to wait 3 months to ride it. So you sit and sit and wait and wait... and that makes it seem like twice as long for spring to arrive.

My little sister used to have lots of Barbie stuff, but she really loved the Hot Wheels cars. Remember those? She had tons of them.

Also... today is Dr. Suess' birthday! He would have been 105. I'm going to eat some green eggs and ham for breakfast in his honor. And then maybe put a wocket in my pocket.

Christian said...

I feel like at the end of the video Dustin should have said "Well thats all the time we have today. Why don't we pick this up next week?"

Not that I would know anything about that or nothen.