Saturday, February 28, 2009

More photos from Red Eye last night

Here's where I made this thoughtful face.

And then here's where I smiled in a way that looks nothing like me to me.

And then here's where I said I tested positive for Stockholm Syndrome but had gone on to lead a rich and rewarding life. (The truth is that I had to get a mole removed but Stockholm Syndrome was the only thing insurance would cover!)

And then here's where I said something else.

And then something else. Not sure what but pretty sure it was brilliant.

And then here's where I was about to say something amazing.

And then here's where I said something that made everyone start clapping and crying.

And then here's where I ate my upper lip.


Advanced Prototype 2.0 said...

Talk about pretty in pink...

These are moments I'm glad I have a 64" big screen TV and high-definition.

Steve Spagnuolo said...

It's just Alison discussing issues as usual.

David B said...

So very not funny making fun of liberals, you know they can't defend themselves....... But it was funny. I happened to watch Count Down the night Jeanna was on it, I was just waiting with baited breath on other's reaction to her.

Jonfun said...

I think I could match those screen grabs but wouldn't look half as good doing it.

Oh well, fun fun.

Joe said...

Awesome job last night Miss R! You looked fantastic.

Funny show. The "x-rays" of Bill were great. He's so good about taking all the crap they throw at him.

Scott said...

A Ro,

Great job on Red Eye last night and you looked even more lovely than usual in that post RE Vlog btw. I think it was the faint tease of those black straps from whatever you were wearing (bra, camisole or evening gown?) that really put that one in the stratosphere!!

Anyway, on RE I thought for sure you were going to take Queef Olbermann's side and then (even if it was only in jest) you said something nice about Rush Limbaugh and I fell in love with you all over again! ;)

Toddrod said...

All I really wanted to know Alison was what did you say to Greg as he apologized to you for running out of time for your wrap up! You looked like you were gonna kick his ass, and he looked like he was about to get his ass kicked as he signed off. I hope they make that up to you. You should have just kicked his ass on camera!


JaysonB said...

There was a period of time where I was working a 100+ hours at work for almost two months. After it ended I had a hard time leaving the office even when things were slow, so I joked that I had a bad case of stockholm syndrome.

And then I realized that almost my entire company is swedish, and suddenly the context seemed overly appropriate.

I am jack's lame comment.