Saturday, February 28, 2009

Q&A Vlog, Feb 27


Toddrod said...

You looked so sad at the end of your vlog! I hope that was on purpose, because if you were trying to look annoyed I totally misread you.

Hey, my date isn't over, but I got to log into a computer for a little bit. Talk to you laters!!!


EDinATL said...

so hilarious! You'll always hold a place deep in my heart. Stay in touch, really.

It'll be alright. This is what's best!

BiffyB said...

The answer is obvious to me: you are channeling Lisa "Left Eye" Lopes. Don't worry, she is a benevolent spirit. She's been sent to remind you when "you need it in the morning or the middle of the night". Ms Lopes' specter insists that you not be too proud to beg, and to always remember that "if the lovin' is strong then he got it goin' on."

chimieinjapan said...

I just saw Redeye tonight, I never saw the show before, you were hilarious, I'll have to watch more often!

Kurtis said...

You know I have been watching too many of your Vlogs when I said outloud to myself "bitter much" about 1 second before you said it in your vlog. So now the question is am I a rabbid fan or just someone who sits at home watching Vlogs and talking to myself? I report you decide.

Ted, White and Blue said...

If your somber mood is for real...then that makes kitty sad....if it's your usual sarcastic win the Oscar baby!

Advanced Prototype 2.0 said...

Interesting round of questions and responses in this vlog.

Did you just pull a Greg Gutfeld on us at the end because "we don't have the time"? Good one.

Regardless of how you feel at the end, I just want to give you a much needed hug (for the both of us!).

Brett Jones said...

so much skin in this vlog... I'm besides myself (and don't I look good from this angle).


Hey Alison! Glad to be able to send you a question or two or three on here after seeing your delightful self on RedEye a number of times.

Amazed that Gut didn't leave enough time at the end to get through to you the other night. When that happens you have to just shout out who you are and what you do or will be doing that is of significance.

I guess if the Gut thought you had nothing of significance to mention at the end of the show then he could be justified in skipping you in the last seconds of the show.

Anyways, since this is a Q&A video I was wondering if there is a list of STANDARD QUESTIONS that you ask yourself often? Say, weekly or monthly, to make sure you are keeping on track and moving in the right direction with your life?

Do you have a specific creedal affirmation that you have written out that you hold to?

And if you wanted to get to know someone what are the 5 essential questions you would ask them in order to get a firm grasp of what sort of person they are??


That slight twitching of your left eye is a result of stress and probably having drunk stimulants like coffee. Stress probably came from having spent time with your ex man.

If you want to never have your eye twitch like that again then I recommend going to the weight room once a week and pressing as heavy weights as you can for about half an hour. If you do that then you will almost certainly never again be subject to that nagging stressful reaction that makes your eye twitch.

At least, it worked out that way for me   ;)