Sunday, February 22, 2009

New segment: 30 Seconds On...


Advanced Prototype 2.0 said...

Ooh...looks like this got a little heated towards the end and it seems like you were a little jealous of Dustin and his comments, hence why you were trying to cut him off by repeatedly saying "time!" Well done Dustin, well done. I got to give it to Dustin on this one. He got you there. Sorry Alison.

Elliot Williams said...

Funny clip. It might get annoying if you only ever did 30 second clips, but for an occasional post it works well. Of course if you enjoy it too much you might get in the habit of yelling "Time! Time!" at wildly inappropriate times, like during a best man speech, a eulogy, judges verdict, etc.

Steve Spagnuolo said...

I see you got "America by John Stewart" resting in your shelf. Very Cunningly Observant am I.

Joe said...

I love that format! Thirty seconds forces you to get to the point, and it keeps the segment moving.

I finished my "10 Things I Like..." list so I'll post it here. That was a great idea Toddrod! Here is the original post in case anyone doesn't know how this started.

Ten Things I Like About Alison:

1. She's one sweet tweet.

2. Whenever I read her blog, I laugh a little in my mouth.

3. She can lift heavy air conditioners with her bare hands.

4. She usually doesn't call the cops when I stalk her.

5. She recently agreed to move to Mexico with me.

6. I can watch hardcore porn all day and she's fine with it.

7. She forgave me after I hooked up with that 14 year old crack whore down the street.

8. She doesn't make me wear a raincoat when I shower, if you know what I mean.

9. She knows how to make me her bitch on what we now call Freaky Fridays.

10. When we play "Who Wants To Be a Porn Star?" her nickname for me is Beef Jerky.

OK, most of those are tongue in cheek. I like Alison for the same reasons everyone else does. Simply put, Alison is very smart, very funny and very attractive. After having followed her blog and appearances for well over a year, I know that deep down inside she's a genuinely wonderful, caring and down to Earth person.

Toddrod said...

Aww Joe! Your list was funny, and sweet too! I bet Alison cracked up at the crack ho, and waxed nostalgic at the air conditioner reference. I remember when she held that thing!! It's been a lotta years... a lotta years (since 2008!).