Sunday, February 22, 2009

Movie Reviews of Movies We Haven't Seen: The Oscars 2009

I fear we come off as truly horrible people in this one... Dustin started it!


Advanced Prototype 2.0 said...

Give Milli Vanilli their Grammy back!

Joe said...

HEY - you two aren't the only ones who haven't seen the Oscars!

I'm frankly quite surprised that neither of you mentioned how Billy Crystal stumbled out drunk on stage in the middle of the show and had to be restrained by the police. Or how Bejmanin Button didn't win a single award and Brad Pitt was so upset he announced he would never act again (to rousing applause from the audience).

And what about Anna Nicole Smith walking out on stage and shocking everyone because not only is she not dead, but she's lost 85 pounds?

And finally there was Christian Bale having a tantrum backstage and dropping 84 F-bombs because someone double-dipped a potato chip.

Actually, the last one I can understand. I always get upset when people double-dip.