Saturday, February 21, 2009

"You guys work at CNET, you're actually paid to be nerds"

Last night I hung out with Natali Del Conte and the guys from The 404 (Jeff Bakalar, Wilson Tang and Justin Yu) and there was some talk of docking and space docking. I don't recommend looking these things up as they're obscene and disgusting. Then out came the video cameras (when you're hanging out with people who work at CNET you can be sure that everyone will be carrying five or six gadgets each putting to shame my one gadget plus collection of lip gloss.) Anyway, I've been having a problem with filming myself because I can't get my whole face in the shot, hence Jeff Bakalar's advice to "nail the angle." Later Natali showed me how to zoom out though, so I think the problem will likely be solved next time I attempt to film anything.


Toddrod said...

Those 404 nerds ... I mean guys, just need to offer you a job already on their podcast. I've checked them out a few times, and they are kinda dull without you. The time you were on was "magical."


Ted, White and Blue said...

Nice ploy Ro Ro! Hang out with the fellas (Note I didn't say nerds) to get the job! I think those guys and all your fans know that you'd be a perfect fit on that show! But don't we have some higher aspirations!?!?!?

They do seem like some cool guys (Shocking that I'd be nice, right?)...but is that an internet only show or is it broadcast over the air somewhere? I need to know the facts before you kiss their ass too much! RosenFans should really be screening them!

Have a great weekend Blog Things! Get you 10 items list up Joe! You can't hold on to the Heroin usage excuse forever!

Toddrod said...

Go Joe Go!