Friday, February 20, 2009

The Missing Random Fact About Me

You guys! Tonight I was talking to Anna and I know I said the following:

"... I know! I was thinking I should have included that in the 25 things about me on Facebook. It's a 26th thing!"

But I have no idea what I said it in reference to. But just thought you should know that there exists something sort of wonderful about me that you've yet to hear. I mean, I guess what I'm trying to say is that if you think those 25 things about me really captured the entirety of my personality, well, surprise, there's one more thing.

Please remain on tinterhooks.


Christian said...

Personally I couldn't think of 25 things that anyone wanted to know about me. I mean I don't think I am that boring, but then I try to thing of 25 ways I am not, and well, I can't do it.

I blame Natalie Delconti because I would have never heard of this if not for her blog. Darn you Natalie!!

Ted, White and Blue said...


Toddrod said...

I say we all post 10+ things we like about Alison, just cuz this is Alison's blog site and I just wanna do this exercise for whatever reason. I hope some of you others decide to play along, but if not.... I hate you all!

1. I love Alison's California accent

2. I really loved when she was tiny Alison on Red Eye, when TV's Andy Levy did his half time report

3. I love her sense of humor, and ability speak so eloquently, yet humorously.

4. I love Bobo (or was it that other name) the blue blouse.

5. I love the Tobey pics

6. I love when she addresses us in a blog post by name. It's so personal!

7. I love Alison's hair when it looks like she's Elvira (I also liked her "goth" pics)

8. I love the vlogs with Anna David. I believe together you both will become famous, but alone, you may vanquish into obscurity.

9. I love that Alison's parents probably think I'm a nice person.

10. I now love how you use curse words in some of your posts. You've won me over, baby!

Joe said...

I know what the 26th thing is - you once had a pet chimp!

But it didn't rip your face off or eat your fingers or anything like that. However, if I remember right he did have a dark side.

Ted, White and Blue said...

Oh, I get it now:

Alright, missing random fact...I think you were actually posting as Michael from Louisiana all those months....then when the fan numbers grew stopped!


I really did believe that for a while and then Alison "corrected" me!

As a sign of good will and for the love of monkeys, I will post ten things I like about Alison!

1. There's something about Alison

2. Groovy Hair

3. As a child I had a crush on Elvira

4. Funny Funny Funny

5. She's a cocky chick (that seems strange to write)

6. She was my first (blog host that is)

7. I love that Alison and her family probably think I'm a total jerk! Remember, nothing is real on the net!

8. I'd vote her most likely to succeed in High School! In other words, I enjoy seeing her career take off! Like when she quite TONY, that was a tough move (which I foresaw)...she has balls! She is cocky and has balls but is still a beautiful woman! LOL

9. Ode to Bobo (Enough said)

10. For being my first celebrity...friend, pal, ePal, online girlfriend....oh, forget it....for being a fun, cool, goofy, hot chick!

I can't wait to see what Joe will all flow eloquently and Alison and Anna will all go "goo goo" over his writing! LOL You da man Joe! Todd, your 10 items will get an honorable mention while sadly I will continue to post for my own bizarre amusement!

Toddrod said...

Ha Ted. You are probably the only guy who will ever call Alison "cocky" and she probably agrees with you, and will point you out as the only blog follower who "understands" who she really is!

You Da MAN!


Trapp said...

I too, will post 10 things that I don't like about Alison:

1. Doesn't send me money

2. Doesn't send me food

3. Doesn't mention my name in posts


Wait.. This was supposed to be things that we liked about her. Oh crap. Well, you guys covered it anyway.

Ted, White and Blue said...

"Doesn't mention my name in posts"

Trapp! You just need to kiss her ass about 6 good months of puckering up the old eButt! Then slowly but surely, your name will start getting plugged! A simply strategy...kiss ass = get mentioned!

Trapp said...


I don't know, Ted. I'm still hoping for the money.

I'm suddenly struck by the ridiculousness of we two monkeys having a conversation. There's your picture of the chimp, and the picture of me from when I was a little chimp.

Perhaps this says something about Alison's fan base!

Ted, White and Blue said...

Oh I other thing! You need to have a clever nickname for her (It's kind of an ice breaker)...that will raise your blog prominence as well!

I've used:

Miss Booya
Ro Ro
Goth (no not really)

I don't use A Ro because it sounds too much like A Hole!

Good luck Trapp...someday you will snatch the pebble from my hand!

Joe said...

I'm still working on my "10 Things I Like About Alison" list. It takes a little longer when your brain has been fried by 25 years of intense heroin usage.

Toddrod said...

Ted... absolutely right..

"A Ro" sounds like Scooby Do calling someone an A-hole... it should never be used...



Trapp said...

Master Ted, you can keep the damn pebble!

As I recall, what follows is sticking your arms on those red hot branding irons!

Uh-uh. Not me. I'll be over here cowering in the corner.

In the meantime, how's this?

Ah, Alison, my sweetie weetie, honey mustard, gooshie wooshie scoobie doobie sugar lump infested master of the universe on toast with a twist of lemon, and garnish.

Too much?