Friday, February 20, 2009

Allow me to over explain

Just wanted to say the grocery post wasn't intended to be like Woohoo Look At Me I Buy Vegetables. I took a picture of the Brussels sprouts because I thought it was funny that I bought them simply because I think they're sort of cute and yet had no idea how to cook them (the microwave worked well, I'll have you know) and then while I was taking photos I decided to keep going as I was unloading stuff. I don't claim to be all healthy or organic or anything if for no other reason than if you cut me, I bleed Splenda. Unless the store is out of it in which case, Equal. Never Sweet n Low. Yuck. Also, I don't really like water. Also, I like to suck on bowls painted with lead paint and I also eat dirt by the fistfulls. And I'm bulemic but I only throw up the healthy food. I let the chicken nuggets stay down.


Trapp said...

The photos were a great idea. Very funny. No explanation needed. Although I stand by my roast yak comment, and will do so until the bitter end!!!

I've heard that microwaving vegetables is best. Keeps the vitamins, makes Alison throw up. Just don't use plastic in the microwave, in case anyone hasn't heard that.

More photos!

David B said...

I like Brussels sprouts but not all that much. The last time I had some was in December at The Yacht Club at Disney World. They were so damn good, all covered in butter and bacon and such lol. I never would have thought to take pics of my groceries and post them, I may have to do that now.

Advanced Prototype 2.0 said...

Thanks for the extra details on your diet. It's a good read.

Wait, did you really buy Brussels just because you thought they were "cute"?

But hey, you still beat me. Even though I eat healthy, and if you were to shank me I'd bleed black coffee and 'Naked' juice ("Blue Machine" and "Green Machine"), I still don't have "Hood" milk.

Christian said...

Don't back down now. Proclaim your love for lil balls of plant! Shout your joys of eating the engines of chlorophyll!

And God loves the microwave. No device other than the remote control makes our lives simpler.

Ted, White and Blue said...

Do Chimpanzees taste like Chicken?

Toddrod said...

Alison (in my most whiny tone)! Ted is making me cry with the monkey talk! Maaake hiiiim stoooop! :D

Toddrod (monkey lover)

karpaydm said...

I got two words that will blow your mind: "Remote Control Microwave". Imagine how easy life would be. The front of the microwave could double as a TV. Why am I wasting my billion dollar idea on you?