Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Wendy's about to drop and go viral

You can read about it here:


Advanced Prototype 2.0 said...

WENDY: yep
my rap got a 5 on the US History AP exam
ALISON: your rap had a pretty cushy senior year of college because it had some credits already, huh?
WENDY: you betcha!
ALISON: my one woman show only got a 2 on the AP History exam

HAHAHA...AP History exam...holy shit. They had those during your time? Not to say that you are old or anything, but I just thought those were relatively during my time.

I had no idea Wendy was gangsta like that.

Toddrod said...

Ted! Ted!?!? Do you see this stuff? I think you and I could do this. We should do this! Ted? You seeing this?


Ted from Accounting said...

Todd, unfortunately our chat would look something like this:

Toddrod: Sup Ted?

Ted: Sup Bro?

Toddrod: Do you think Alison believes I'm a Meringue?

Ted: Nah, probably more of a bunion!

Toddrod: Really? That's fucked up!

Ted: Dude, don't use profanity on'll blow your cover!

Toddrod: Shit, that's right! So who do you think is Alison's favorite blogger?

Ted: It's a tossup between the Meringue, Louisville Slugger and her favorite Toritilla chip

Toddrod: What the hell does that mean

Ted: I'm not sure...but I'm probably her favorite! Yes, quite sure of it!

Toddrod: I hate you Ted! I'm going to chat with Joe from now on!

Ted: No, don't leave....I support Bunions!

Ted: Todd!?!?!

Ted: Todd!?!?!

Toddrod said...

Ted.... freakin hilarious! hahahaha

Joe... Joe! You see this? We can do this!