Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Looks like we all need a pick-me-up

A commenter on my previous post said it looked like I needed a pick-me-up and I should look at puppies at a pet store. So true! But since I don't have time to go to a pet store I thought I'd post cute photos instead. And then since I was posting cute photos of course I had to include some of myself because anything else? Criminal!

Here is a duckling.

Here's Tobey looking scruffy.

Here's me at The Gates a few years ago. It was orange and yet unspectacular.

Here's Woofie when he was a puppy with his toy.

Here's Tobey looking all smushed.

Here's me on CNET's The 404 which I'll be back on April 10.

Here's a cute kitten and duckling.

Here's me with rollers stuck to a hat. (If you haven't checked out the video of Anna, Natali and me discussing this hot trend, you should totally do so. It's somewhere on youtube. Happy hunting!)

Here's me on Red Eye last week.


Ted from Accounting said...

That duckling photo is going to drive me nuts!

However, the cute Eskimo girl in those photos is a pick-me-up!

Toddrod said...

Back on the 404 in April??? Those bastards! They said they would have you back right away! They are afraid, Alison! Afraid for their jobs because they know that three guys on the radio is decent entertainment, but 2 guys and a smart, witty, girl is gold! I think 3 guys and a girl on the radio is kinda like dirty, shiny rocks. I'm not really sure because I don't work in the radio industry.

Toddrod the Bunion

Ted from Accounting said...

Also a side note in my search for "The Secret"....our girl Gina Carano just tied for #1 on the newly established Woman's World Rankings for Martial Arts

Released March 5, 2009

1 (tie) Gina Carano
1 (tie) Christiane Santos
3 Kelly Kobold
4 Megumi Yabushita
5 Marloes Coenen
6 Erin Toughill
7 Karen Williams
8 Emily Thompson
9 Elaina Maxwell
10 Tonya Evinger

Those somewhat scadalous party photos of Gina are with Tonya Evinger (#10). FYI!

I was appalled the AMR wasn't listed on here! My word verification is "shiatume" I say, shiatume to that!

KevinC. said...

Thank you Ali, that’s exactly what I needed. Now if only there was an “Alison Rosen holding a puppy” picture. That could brighten up anyone’s day.

Joe said...

I remember when they had the Gates in NYC. At $20 million, you probably should have been more impressed.

That was done by the artist Christo, who also did this and this

Toddrod said...

Joe, Cristo also attempted to put a bra on the Twin Peaks in San Francisco sometime in the 70s. Unfortunately for him, there were wind gusts that took away his bra before he was able to fasten the clasps on the back.


Joe said...

Todd, he should have known better than to try that. Guys don't know anything about bras.

Advanced Prototype 2.0 said...

And those duckling photos are back! That didn't take long...

At quick glance, it looks like you're wearing a mushroom for a hat at The Gates...whatever the hell that is...

warren the turd said...

Cmon people..the picture with the knitted cap and rollers was the best thing I've seen here(in my opinion)ever..Alison,the unabashed look on your face is why I love you..If you got it flaunt it.The hat made me think of all the stuff my grandmother knitted(so cool) and the rest is just makes the stove top, white brick, depressing view almost fitting(in a good way)
thanks ..this made my day.I laughed so hard ..i couldn't stop.

Trapp said...

I keep wondering how you ended up with that duckling.

Did you find it in with your groceries? Or between the cushions in the couch? Or did the doorbell ring one day, and there it was?

Or maybe it got sucked into the house through the air conditioner? Down the chimney?

There's a story there somewhere.

Anonymous said...

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Steve Spagnuolo said...

Holy Shiznacks, you too were apart of that artistic event that happened on New YOrk entitled THE GATES circa 2005? Rumor has it that the experience is pretty TRIPPY.