Wednesday, March 11, 2009

News and couches

I was thinking this morning about people who decide not to watch the news or read newspapers because it's too depressing and how I find, in general, that's a pretty irresponsible stance. But then I was thinking, WHY do I feel that way? I mean, what good does it do me to know that 16 were killed in a school attack in Germany and the police who are called something other than police in German killed the attacker? It's not like I was about to go to school in Germany. You know?

I mean I guess it's just best to live in reality. That's something I've felt for a long time. But then there are people who would say that reality is somewhat subjective (I would argue that's semantics and that it's really not that subjective) and then there's a whole industry that's cropped up around this idea that you can forge your own reality by just shutting it all out and la la la la la happy thoughts la la.

Sorry, I've been bad at posting the last couple days and then I drop this not-very-fun bomb on you guys.

Love me anyway?

Ok thanks.

Also: new couch arrived today! It already has a piece of my hair on it. And how do I feel about the fact that I chose a light colored couch even though everyone told me not to? I feel like... everyone was right! I mean, I like how it looks but I'm already afraid to sit on it or stain it in any way. Yay for me!

I guess you just sometimes have to do the things that everyone tells you not to do. And sometimes you have to always do them.


karpaydm said...

Alison, you need to get one of those plastic covers for your couch. I thought it was something that our grandparents used, but (before I moved) my neighbor had it on their white "expensive" couch that they used every day. They were in their 40s. Honestly, who the HELL has those things anymore? I bet having sex on it makes the same sounds that having sex with a blow up doll makes. I honestly wouldn't know, as I have done neither. Or is it both? I always get those two words mixed up.

You could always shave your head and drink only clear fluids. That oughta do the trick.


Anonymous said...

Ali, it sounds like you need a pick-me up today. Perhaps stopping at the local pet store and looking for a puppy or kitten you can play with for a few minutes may do the trick. Life in general sucks right now for a lot of people in so many different ways. You just need a break from reality now. Keep us smiling Ali even if it is from a light colored couch! You do a great job at it.


ECG said...

go ahead and hair up your couch, you hairy beast! (has anyone ever noticed the similiarity between the words hirsuite and hair suit? talk about anamanapoiea! alas, I digress) After all, you and your couch aren't schoolchildren in Germany, so... live a little! Bernie Madoff is going to country club jail for a zillion years!

Ted from Accounting said...

Ro Ro, I only get my news from whatever the liberal based Yahoo Top News Stories presents...that's it!

I say enough with bad news...your couch is more interesting to me...especially if you go buy a kitten or a puppy to claw or pee on it! See, I like positive news stories like that!

Joe said...

Yeah, there was a shooting in Alabama too with 11 people killed. Very sad.

But congrats on the new couch! Can't wait to see a picture. Did Anna tell you she stained a friend's couch when she was in Calif?

Oops, maybe I shouldn't have mentioned that!!! Never mind... forget I said anything.

My verification word is BIGMOUTH.

Toddrod said...

Without pictures, this couch does not exist in my reality. I know that I should believe you, and take what you say for fact. However, I know that you are also an entertainer, Alison. This could be just a huge deception, hoping that we will continue to return in hopes of seeing this couch in the future. Alison, there is no need for these deceptions! I will continue to return for the entertainment value you bring. After all, the smiles at are free! Danke und Guten Tag!

Toddrod (Die Meringe)

Ted from Accounting said...

Dude, I just watched the trailer for "The Secret" and I thought the secret was Alison Rosen! Like when those ancient Romans were unscrolling their...scrolls, that your picture would be on it! Crap, I've been misled this whole time!

Well, off to surf the news and search for "The Secret!"

Toddrod said...

In all seriousness, I also wanted to say something about when Alison has these occasional serious blogs. I appreciate and welcome these thoughts. When Alison is open about what she is feeling, and that some of her thoughts are about other issues, it really makes her more of a real person to me. I am glad to know that she is not just this wacky television, internet personality. She's capable of feelings and compassion and goodness. Now, if I could only clean up her potty mouth!!

Toddrod the Meringue



What do you think about Andrew WK's teaching/doctrine on positive thinking and the world existing only in your head?

Cool thing is, you can leave a note for Andrew to talk with you about it at Red Eye today since he is on tomorrow's RedEye.


alison said...

That's just solipsism. Are you sure he's on tomorrow? Or rather, how are you sure?