Tuesday, March 10, 2009

New posts up on AlisonAndWendy

How excited are you?

1. Very
2. Super
3. Sooooooo
4. Incredibly
5. Totally
6. Freakishly
7. Unbelievably
8. WOOHOOOOO, I'm so

go here to read: Alison And Wendy


EC gladstone said...

You have an ad for EZ Lube on your page. I LOOOOOVES that.

Brett Jones said...

So excited that I finished before I got to "6. Freakishly".

Toddrod said...

EZ Lube? Now I'm upset that I have my AdBlocker on. :p


Ted from Accounting said...

WOOHOOOOO, I'm so Very Super-Incredibly Freakishly and Unbelievably Excited!

Take that add blocker off Todd! You'll be able to fix your career, teeth and lube problems in one location!

Joe said...

Is everyone seeing lots of ads for chocolates, or are they specifically targeting me?

Ted from Accounting said...

No it's not just you Joe....although I feel the urge to "Thank You"

It's the RosenFan demographics...I just ate another box of Thin Mint cookies after seeing that add!

karpaydm said...

I am SUPER EXCITED to be visiting Alison's blog, but a bit sad that there isn't more of her humor for me to enjoy today.

Even more depressing, I think the verification word is trying to tell me I have genital warts. The word is "poledot". I think my wife has some explaining to do.


karpaydm said...

For the record, I didn't mean that what Alison posted wasn't funny. I meant that I wish she was a blogoholic today like she is on some other days, spewing out hilarity left and right.

Anonymous said...

" Funny stuff on that ALisonanWendy site.I'm guessing the next one's about Nadya SUleman's lips, that $5 dollar Foot Long Song parody sung by Ron Jeremy (Was he on Red Eye if I'm not mistaken?), and the newest pastime in the 21st century, Sexting..."

Advanced Prototype 2.0 said...

"it makes you more urban" - you're right about that.

Wait, so are these conversations from instant messenger or what? And you just select parts of the dialogue to post?