Saturday, March 14, 2009

Pastrami, camera angles and Dustin's middle name

I decided to upload this one in HD which means it's a different size and I can see it's already going to wreak havoc on the blog. Much like those ads are. Did I mention there are ads? Click that crap, you know, if you want.


Prototype 3: Rise of the Machine said...

I don't mind this shaky camera that you speak of. My vision comes with autofocus, so it detects the shaking instantly and adjusts accordingly. So I don't even know what you are talking about.

What is that, a coloring book?

Thanks for modeling for us at the 1:45 mark. You look lovely, Alison.

Pastrami is good. But pork nuggets? That sounds so about triglycerides galore!

What were you 2 saying? Cats? Cactuses?


ROTFL! Wow, your first response on video to a comment I made on this blog! Nicely done Alison :)

Have you considered leaving the camera still in one place and both of you moving into view of the camera when you talk?

Like have Alison move her head to the right to be in the camera's view and then get out of view and then have Dustin move to the left to get into view when he speaks and then move out of view when he finishes speaking.

Or, you could sit on Dustin's lap while doing the video and his head could be just to the right of yours so you wouldn't have to move the camera at all :D

That would look freaky cool! Yeah? Hey?

FUN FACT: I eat a pound of turkey pastrami a week (sandwiches)

I'm watching you   ~**~

Your BFF Ted said...

Dude your flirting with the camera was hilarious!

Trapp said...

You and Dustin didn't eat the pastrami, so you couldn't comment on it?

I'm confused. Wouldn't that make it the one thing that you could comment on?

karpaydm said...

I too loved the faces you made at the camera while Dustin Abraham was talking. You could do a vlog of just that and remove Dustin altogether and then mouth the words "Scott olive juice" so I can show it off to my friends (and wife).

Geez, I didn't come to your page for one day and I missed a gazillion things!

Karpaydm (Scott)