Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Nut Fondling

I kind of wish this was a video of us holding cashews but it isn't. It's a primer on the delicate art of nut fondling, filmed when we couldn't stop laughing. Warning: immature adult content. [Allow me to add that there is no actual nut fondling nor even any nuts in this video. Grody!]


Toddrod said...

The way I try to describe nut fondling to women I've dated is to imagine they are putting two kiwis in a burlap bag. Now when the time is right, you can hold the kiwis in your hand, but you do not try to squeeze any juice out of the kiwis. In fact you are just holding the kiwis and letting them move freely in your hand. NOW, very important. You can pull the burlap bag away from the kiwis, so that the kiwis are still in the bag, but you are just grabbing the bag part. The bag is very tough, and you can pull and stomp and bite the bag as hard and cruel as you like.

Toddrod the Meringue

Advanced Prototype 2.0 said...

Contain yourself, Alison, contain yourself.

Haha - Alison at 3:37. And at 4:40 - "I take that back!"

Body english, eh? So much like putting english on the cue ball in a game of pool, but to the jewels?

Wow, this is gonna be disturbing for your folks to watch. Um...does Tobey ever read your blogs/watch your vlogs, too?

Joe said...

OK, enough about nuts. Tomorrow can we talk about the "G" spot? Come on now... equal time!

I think the G spot is a myth. It's like the Yeti or the Sasquatch - everyone talks about it but no one has actually seen it. It wasn't even "discovered" until 1981. So women went for thousands of years not knowing about it and then all of a sudden.. oh, oh the G Spot!!

Wikipedia says: "Scientific examinations of vaginal wall innervation have generally shown that there is no single area with a greater density of nerve endings."

So let's have a discussion. And to make sure we cover all bases, I say we consult with an expert. Let's conference call in Anna on this one.

Toddrod said...

Joe.. no need to call Anna! The G Spot exists. It's called the prostate.

Toddrod the sexual Meringue

Joe said...

Todd, I mean in women.

karpaydm said...

Ok, so I haven't even watched the vlog yet, but when I see "nut fondling" in the title and this smug look on Dustin's face that says "it's bizness time" on the video, it does not draw me in.


warren the turd said...

I'm not "touching"this one..logic over emotion.

David B said...

Testicular manipulation can be very pleasurable but after my vasectomy it has lost some of its zeal for me.

I noticed you have your Koala on the couch, does that mean you have been sleeping alone? Koala will run away if you don't give her the proper attention. Be careful, if she asks me I'll pay for her plane ticket to AZ so she meet my Donkey.