Sunday, March 29, 2009

Clips from Paltalk with Diana Falzone

Did you miss my appearance on Paltalk? Sure you did. Have you been crying ever since? Yes you have! Do you enjoy when I ask you questions and then answer them for you? Affirmative! Do you want to hear about my hormones today? No you don't! Was that TMI? TOTALLY! Are you uncomfortable with where this is going? Pretty much, yes.

In that case I'll just post this:


Toddrod said...

I missed the beginning, because I was still sleeping. I'm glad that I got to check out PalTalk and see some of you other dudes there too!


Lew Moore said...

Ok...any opportunity to hear the combined wisdom of Alison and Diana is, of course, quite welcome! But...really...what the fuck is "Paltalk" exactly? You have to download the app...and then install it a chat room? A dating service? Webcam porno? Not sure...and not gonna download it...

Jaqob Jackson said...

Did you dig the questions I asked during that PalTalk session?

Diana ACTUALLY RESPONDED TO MY QUESTION(S) on there unlike yourself Alison :|

Also, Diana responded to the e-mail I sent asking her about working together on a book idea within minutes (can't do it cause she's "under contract").

Anyways, I hope to see you on her show again soon so we can have a wonderful back and forth again.

"Harumph!" --Pinchy