Sunday, March 29, 2009

Another video! Diana and me after Paltalk

And here's one of Diana and me after Paltalk.


Toddrod said...

That is funny that someone would actually be making such disparaging comments in a chat room. It's true that some people only want to be mean spirited. They should always be called out in those instances. Good job Diana!


ec gladstone said...

Now, why was was this one so much more watchable than the one with Michael? Maybe because Diana didn't need to shave, like Michael. Oh, also you don't bring up big words with Diana. ;)

Jaqob Jackson said...

For the record, as if anyone reading this really cares about what went on during that PalTalk show, I asked some very good questions and Diana even responded to at least one of them and I think quoted something else I wrote (which escapes my mind at the moment but was without any doubt brill-iant).

This only means that Diana loves me more than any of you other commenters on here. That's all. No need to express jealousy towards me because of it.

Now is only Alison Rosen would show some love by answering a question or two that I ask on one of her Q&A vlogs. If only.....

Toddrod said...

Jaqob, Alison hasn't responded to your questions only because of the spelling of your first name. It is pretty exotic. It looks like it should be pronounced JAY-cob, but perhaps the "q" is throwing her off. Maybe she thinks it's pronounced Jah-COB, or Zshah-Cohb. It's just an intimidating name, and Alison sometimes will pass on a question if she feels mispronouncing your name will somehow make her look bad. Just a thought!


Ted from Accounting said...

Diana is AWESOME! I wish you could land a co-host spot with one of these gigs!

I'm not sure what it is lately but I just read some of the comments from recent posts and there seems to be a lot of fucking douche bags that leave comments all of the sudden!

I mean, we all know I'm cocky and arrogant but after all it's me and I can get away with it!

So to all the fucking douche bags that leave comments, be NICE!

Jaqob Jackson said...

I feel that my last comment was not douche-y enough, so to really establish myself on here as a genuine son-of-a-bitch douchebag I must comment on this post once again.

Ummmm....I must say right now at this very moment as a way of capturing this moment and sharing it with the rest of you poor folks.....

My favorite new guest on Red Eye is Pinchy. That stack of New York Times papers.

Something about a magical speaking stack of papers with googly eyes just makes me feel all warm and happy inside.

Good call whosever idear it was to make Pinchy a regular on the show.

Oh yes, and I have to add right here this very moment that Pinchy has brought back the use of the word HARUMPH.

I believe that Harumph! is the new Heeeeey!

Everyone knows that Jaqob is pronounced just like Jacob, but is phonetically superior to the original Jacob.