Sunday, March 29, 2009

things for your thing

So I'm at the drugstore buying Spenda tablets which I switched to from packets because they're easier to melt down and turn into bathtub methamphetamine when I overhear one of the cashiers repeatedly saying to the other one, "What flavor do you got? What flavor do you got?" I have my head down because I'm paying with my ATM card and I'm typing in the code on the little LCD screen but the insistent way she's asking is not unlike how I pester my sister when I ask her a question and she doesn't answer. Mind you, I'm the older one.

Anyway, so she's asking the other cashier what flavor hers is and I'm imagining they're talking about Jolly Ranchers or sports drinks. That's what I'm picturing.

"You always carry it in your purse?" asks the cashier. At this point I look up and see the other one holding this, clearly embarrassed:

"You spray it on your thing..." she hisses.


Hugh said...

I was picturing girly-flavored snow-cone syrup chapstick.

coaster1robert said...

I want too watch. ;)

karpaydm said...

That's awesome! That story could totally appear on this site, which I am sure you know of, but if not, check it out.

I also remember having to write a stupid haiku in high school and I HATED any kind of public speaking and I freaked out and replaced my middle line with "as fresh as a summer's eve" - 7 syllables of magic. My teacher was not amused. She must have had odor issues.


Kevin said...

Is that like the female version of axe body spray except is goes on your hoo-ha?!!!

AKA TechSgtChen

Toddrod said...

I thought it was amusing that she wanted to know the "flavor." I thought men only cared about that. I forget that the world has changed a lot over the past 25 years.


jd nyc said...


Alternate title suggestion: "Girl, you usin' it wrong"

Trapp said...

Sounds like Jolly Rancher wouldn't be a bad name for this product, either.

Anonymous said...

"Is that why they sometimes call it Juice ? Never mind, forget I asked that question."