Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Vlog outtake

Is it possible to have an outtake of what's essentially an outtake? Is Dustin Goot essentially saying my face needs sculpting, i.e. IS FAT? Can I keep asking questions using the word essentially? Are you essentially still reading this?

Oh um also, please be impressed by my amazing eyebrow dexterity. Surely I've told you about the headache inducing hours (yes, plural) I spent in front of a mirror teaching myself how to do that? Oh I haven't? Well pull up a chair. Wait don't, it's a boring story. But magical too. Boring and magical.


Douglas said...

So essentially you're saying it's magically boring?

Prototype said...

That's it? Only 12 seconds?!

Yeah, where is Anna? Anna! Come back! More Anna-Rose, please?

You work your eyebrows so well. That was also the perfect time for you to do your winks.

Kevin said...

Those are some awesome eyebrows! That’s 12 seconds of my life spent well, also you're the one that essentially said your face need sculpting.

Jonfun said...

Do you smell what Alison is cookin? The people's eyebrow from Alison...I think Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson is looking for you because that's gimmick infringment! Just kidding.