Tuesday, February 03, 2009

See me and hear me but more like just hear me

So... tomorrow, Wednesday at 11AM ET I'm doing CNET's 404 podcast which streams live and which you can download (the audio portion) after the fact. Was that even a sentence? I don't know I just know that my buddyroo Natali Del Conte suggested I do this and she says jump, I say, "How high?" Mostly so that then I can twitter about it and drop her name. Did I mention I know Natali Del Conte? Because I do.

The thing is that The 404 covers all sorts of stuff like pop culture and, um, other stuff and I've had my head so far up my butt working on this Top Secret Project Which May Be The Manhattan Project Who Knows, I hardly even knew that Christian Bale freaked out when he caught Michael Phelps smoking Ashton Kutcher's pot. You know?

So that's tomorrow at 11AM ET and you can watch it here then (click on the 404). But I repeat, it's an audio thing that just happens to be streamed live (I think). It's not a show so don't expect me to be wearing clothes.

Obviously I'm kidding. What I mean to say is that maybe I'll shower, maybe I won't. I can't rightly say right now.

BUT WAIT, I have a special treat the following day, which is THURSDAY, for all my fans in St. Louis. Do I have any fans in St. Louis? I will wait for them to make some noise.

Oh for fuck's sake, I don't have all day. Toddrod, I'm sorry about the language.

I'll be on 550 KTRS's The Large Morning Show in the Afternoon around 5pm ET on Thursday. That's 4pm CT. I could go on with the time zones, but I won't. You can listen to this awesomeness online apparently although I tried earlier and it didn't work. You best believe me I let those Missourians know what I thought about that. I cracked open a can of Christian Bale on their ass.


Kevin said...
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Toddrod said...

*gasp* she apologized to me for her potty mouth!

That was sweet!

Thanks Alison *smooch*


Toddrod said...

OK, I just realized that my last post sorta seemed like I am caught up in Alison's ever expanding celebrity. It just seems like it was a couple months ago when we were all pointing fingers and laughing at Alison's sofa. However, something is different. She's doing convert vblogs at work with Anna, and now is being interviewed by a real radio show. I see our little star is growing up to become a big star.. who hates her nose, but don't get her started.


Prototype said...

Fuck yeah for fuck's sakes!

St. Louis??? What the hell? That came out of nowhere. I just checked the site stream right now and it worked. Some guy was talking about Alberto Einstein.

Good thing I'm doing another all-nighter tonight for my exam tomorrow so I'll actually be up/alive at 8 AM to hear it LIVE. I could always use that time to study and wait to download/listen to it later, but I'm gonna do it LIVE, damn it! Do I get extra points for that? How about a wink?