Thursday, February 26, 2009

Reviews of Web Sites We Haven't Visited: Gwyneth Paltrow's Goop

Shit really picks up around the fourth minute. I swear!


Advanced Prototype 2.0 said...

Hey! It's those polar bear/Abominal Snowman boots again!

I don't know about Gwyneth Paltrow's "Goop," but I do know about the Wayans Bros.' "Goop Hair It-Is":

EDinATL said...

What a coincidence, because I accidentally got my crayons caught in my zipper earlier today... Colors were bleeding everywhere.

Joe said...

I barely know who Gwyneth Paltrow is. Maybe I'll Wiki her later. But probably not.

I've heard that tip about rubbing a crayon on a zipper though. And if you get gum stuck in your hair, you can remove it using peanut butter. That's really true - the oils in the peanut butter help loosen the gum.

Toddrod said...

hahaha... F the earth.... thanks Dustin.. I needed that.


Brett Jones said...

you crazy kids. your first fight on a vlog was so damn cutie. tell us Alison, will it be a July wedding and will you wear white?

I was going to offer to take you out for a nice dinner next time I'm in NYC Alison, but I'm kind of digging on Dustin lately. Is he free on Wednesday nights?

Lew Moore said...

Ok...I love this like I love my Snuggie...this is the best vlog yet I think.

Two reasons why:
1. I also was puzzled by
2. Alison and I have (at least) one thing in common...we both enjoy hearing her talk!

This goop site was a Fark item on the same day it was an Alison Rosen timely!