Friday, February 06, 2009

Not to be a total girl...

but I just shed a few tears... because I felt overwhelmed! And misunderstood! And get this, not because I'm overwhelmed with work, because I am, but overwhelmed with having to wrap presents.

I mean really.

And speaking of female matters, as someone who possesses ovaries and a television set I felt it my duty to attempt to watch Grey's Anatomy last night. I say attempt because I had trouble caring. I mean, the scene where they had to apply constant pressure (i.e. hug) the Asperger's doctor? Give me a break. And then the scene where ... OH SPOILER ALERT... I should have said that earlier. Sorry. Anyway the scene where Yang hugs the war doctor even though he's saying no and freaking out? You really can't hug the unwilling. I mean, sometimes you can, but more often you can't. Ducklings though, you can soothe by making a little nest with your hands and holding them tight and they'll relax and fall asleep. Full grown human beings are harder to fit in your hands, I find.

Also, I have many thoughts about The Real World. Perhaps I will share them. But not now.


Toddrod said...

Alison... you are such a girl!


Brett Jones said...

A little emotional lability is expected with the uterine class. It's nothing to cry about.

Kevin said...

I've never seen one episode of Grey's Anatomy, I really don't understand it. I've read some of the book, but the show has nothing to do with the book and the book has nothing to do with the show, what gives? I'm glad to hear you're a total girl, what else would you possibly be?