Friday, February 06, 2009

My wikipedia page

it's so fancy! Thanks to whoever updated it! [UPDATE: THANKS TO KEVIN CARLYLE!] And since wiki pages are living breathing ever evolving things, like, um, uh, errrr,

the internet itself?
one's hair and fingernails?
sea sponges? but like if sea sponges were ever evolving which I don't think they are?
graffiti on a wall?
spaghetti on a plate?

What was I saying? Oh yeah, just that who knows if the page will stay like this but for now it's neato!


@kevincarlyle said...

"Thanks to whoever updated it!" That’s the thanks I get, wow I'm a little disappointed... Did you pick a picture yet, maybe an exclusive recent picture? I'm pretty sure it'll stay like that, and only get better!

@kevincarlyle said...

Thank you Ali!
*I'm not sure what other info to put on there... you're a very complex/interesting person.

Toddrod said...

Thanks Kevin C! As a Alison Rosen fan, I can appreciate the amount of work it takes to do those Wiki sites. So thank you sir!

Alison, maybe this will inspire you to update your Demo Reel.


Trapp said...

Speaking as a sea sponge, I take great exception to that remark.

We are indeed evolving, most recently, adding the opposable thumb.

Kindly be more thoughtful of your neighborhood sea sponge in the future, and Kevin, please update our wikipedia page accordingly.

KevinC. said...

Isn't Spongebob a sea sponge? He’s evolved... but not too bright.

Trapp said...

I resemble that remark.

KevinC. said...

Hey Ali, I just wanted to add to my first comment... it wasn't necessary of you to add my name and say thank you, even though I greatly appreciated it... I just like being able to help out.

The only thing that'll make that wiki page perfect would be a picture... have you chosen one?

alison said...
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alison said...

I have a photo. what's your email?

Anonymous said...

"I just got to say, I'M JEALOUS......."