Friday, February 06, 2009

A moment of silence for Woofie

Today, Feb 6, would have been Woofie's birthday. If he were alive today he'd be, let me see, about 24 years old which in dog years is 70 million. Woofie enjoyed such activities as riding in cars, walking around with paper stuck to his nose and licking. He is missed.

After Woofie died my parents waited about five years, which in daughter years is 70 million, to get a new dog. Finally they settled on the guy below though. I like to imagine what Woofie and Tobey would have been like together.


Trapp said...

There's nothing like a great dog. Happy Birthday, Woofie. All 70 million of them.

Steve Spagnuolo said...

If you have a dead pet, couldn't you just bury the thing in the Pet Semetary to bring it back ? Duh.

Prototype said...

I'm sure Woofie would've appreciated this, and he misses you, too.

Toddrod said...

Woah, Woofie looked just like my grandmother's dog. I loved that dog. I'm all sad now.

Toddrod (tearing up)

annalytical said...

can we just take a moment to discuss who well loved a pet must be/how obsessed the dog's owners must have been to know said dog's birthday? especially back in the 80's/90's, when people weren't having dog weddings and all the crazy stuff they started doing a few years ago. i am obsessed with my cats and yet i couldn't tell you their birthdays if you dangled one out the window. but i would insist that you stop!

Jonfun said...

I have many long lost pets...the sad thing is mine last pets, cats and hamster, die the house fire.

Ironically, May 19 of last year the same day Anna David's book is suppose to come out.


Oh, hi Anna. Lovely weather were having. I didn't mean anything by it honestly. :-)

MarkG said...

I understand how you feel about your pets Alison, even if your supposed "friend" Anna doesn't.

Hope you got through today without shedding too many tears for Woofie!