Monday, December 08, 2008

I'll be on The Strategy Room tomorrow at 3pm

I'm doing The Strategy Room tomorrow at 3pm. It's funny because I'm terrible at sports. (It's a sports show, right?)

You can watch it here tomorrow at 3pm

Just kidding, it's not about sports. It's about board games.


Scott said...

'It's time to put on makeup

it's time to dress up right

it's time to raise the curtain

on the Red Eye Show tonight!!'

Have a great show tonight A Ro--I'm gonna stay up past by bedtime for this one.

Anonymous said...

Strategy Room oppurtunites:

"Maybe someday you can ask Shepard Smith what the hell was that Guiness Book of Record Show that showed on Fox 10 yrs ago was all about.I wouldn't be surprised if the answer involved the phrases "We went to a Bar for some beer", "We got totally wasted" and "We thought of making the show about world records after realizing we drank more than several barrels of Guiness"...........

Joe said...

Nice appearance on Red Eye last night Alison! Your hair looked fantastic!!

It's too bad Elizabth Wolfe had to (I assume) cancel. It would have been fun seeing you both on the show together.

Good luck in the Stratery Room later today.

Joe said...

I just posted some Strategy Room pics in the Activity Pit. Not the best quality, but the best there were to get.

I couldn't watch the whole show, but what I heard sounded interesting.

I was going to send in a message asking Miss Predicto what the lottery numbers are going to be up here tomorrow night.

Toddrod said...

It was great to see ya again on Red Eye, and I also caught the last half of Strategy Room. Hey, do you know if they read my email, Alison? I lost the connection for a minute, and when I regained the connection, everyone was talking about what I had written in my email. I basically asked what incentives there was for someone to buy a US made car because there is a worry about service with a company that may go out of business. I wrote it under my other moniker, "boinkity."