Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Brooklyn does Christmas right

In all my years of living in Manhattan I don't think I ever saw this much yuletide cheer. You might think I'm making fun of it, but I'm not. I kind of live for Christmas. And strings of lights.


Anonymous said...

Holiday Spirit:

"Too bad the Christmas decorations didn't involve one that portrays the scene where Ralphie beats up Scut Farkus. Or another one where Flick is issued a Triple Dog dare from Schwartz to stick his tongue on the pole. But the latter idea would perhaps make people mistaken the holiday display as a homage to Dumb and Dumber's rendition of the stunt...."

Toddrod said...

Christmas is for the people that aren't cynical at the world. Is there a person alive in Manhattan that isn't cynical?


Ted from Accounting said...

What up ladies!?!?!?

Remember Christmas is my birthday! I don't need anything too BIG as a present! I'm just hoping for an updated Rosen Demo reel!