Tuesday, December 09, 2008

A slew of photos

Here I am with the imaginary father of my imaginary children, Joshua McCarroll, Red Eye wunderkind and McConaughey correspondent. We're in the green room, wearing green. Well, one of us was. By the way, McConaughey is kind of impossible to spell.

Here I am doing The Strategy Room earlier today. I totally came up with the best strategy. I'd tell you, but it's a secret.

Here I am smiling, probably at something I said.

Here I am cocking my head because I heard a high pitched noise or smelled a piece of kibble.

This is me on Red Eye last night shortly before Greg called me out for not answering the specific question he asked. What you didn't hear in the commercial break? Me saying "How dare you call me out for not answering the question! Not answering the question is the backbone of this show!"

And then here's where I explained that I don't think smart pills actually make you smart. I think they make you annoying.

And then here I am making this face.

Oh look, it's the beach (I had to get these off my camera. They're from my recent trip of OC for Thanksgiving).

Another beach shot.

Another beach shot. Lovely, isn't it?

And then here's a couch I saw today at Raymour & Flanigan. This one's four hundred and something dollars cheaper than the one sitting in my apartment right now but which I could return. Should I return the one in my apartment and get this one instead? It's entirely polyester/synthetic/foam whereas there are actual feathers/down in the one in my apartment. Hm. It seemed comfortable though.


Prototype said...

That beach looks unsanitary.

Lauren Ashley said...

So THAT'S what Josh looks like with his shirt on!!

Toddrod said...

That beach IS unsanitary! The clean beaches are in Northern California.... waaaay north.

Alison, I was troubled by your appearance on Red Eye. I'm not sure why, but you seemed like you were holding something back. I'm guessing it was because you came home to your granny couch, and it was on your mind during the show. I hope you solve that dilemma soon.


Joe said...

It's funny seeing Joshua without all his McConaughey gear. Have you two picked out imaginary schools for your imaginary kids yet?

Great pics from the Strategy Room! **pats self on back** Did you see all 6 I uploaded or just these 3 I posted on your group?

Beautiful pics from the California coast. They remind me of some of my trips there, especially one time when I drove from San Francisco to LA along the coast.

During that trip, I had been driving to LA most of the day and was in the Malibu area when a car going north suddenly veered across the highway, right in front of the car in front of me. It went off the road and, luckily, into a sandy area without hitting anyone or anything.

The next day in the newspaper it said the older man driving the car had a seizure. Paramedics arrived quickly and the guy ended up being fine.

I'm all out of couch advice (not that I had any to begin with.)

Scott said...

"Here I am with the imaginary husband of my imaginary children, Joshua McCarroll"

Does that mean you envision yourself as one day being Joshua's Mother-in-law?

alison said...

Yes. I'm going to birth a litter of children, all of whom are going to marry Josh.

(I changed the wording in the post. Thank you for catching this!)

Jonfun said...

Is this a good place to leave an Enquirer joke?

Nice catch Josh.

Litter, lovely its not children its kittens!

Scott said...

It's a good thing you edited that A Ro, otherwise people might have assumed you were a M.I.L.F (Mother In Law Fictionalized:)

Joe said...

I'm also glad that got straightened out. This thread was starting to sound like one of those brain teasers from grammer school:

I'm not your sister
I'm not your brother
Yet we both have
The exact same mother
Who am I?

And it ends up being your second cousin with twelve toes who lives in Omaha, or something like that.

I could never get those because I don't have a family. I was discovered as a 2 day old zygote under a rock in a zen garden.

I was a bit dirty, but still viable.

Ted from Accounting said...

I so love the beach...do you live next to Lauren Conrad's house? I thought you might have been in one of the Laguna Beach episodes!

Anonymous said...

That couch is just as ugly as the thing you already got