Thursday, December 11, 2008

I'll be on The Strategy Room tomorrow at 3pm

You are so totally excited.


Prototype said...

What can I say...I'm thrilled.

Joe said...

Excited? I'm verklempt!

I may need a double dose of adderall tonight.

Good going Alison!!

Ted from Accounting said...

When are they going to wise up and give us the "Rosen Variety Hour" know, songs, dances, interviews! You could totally pull off the modern Cher image!

Okay, it's coming to me (dream like)...Ro Ro coming out in an Indian costume and singing "I got you babe"...of course I'd be the co-host who sings don't have to ask!

Ted from Accounting said...

"Interviewed MMA fighter Gina Carano this afternoon. I could prob kick her ass."

I'm so jealous of you! Out of all your interviews she is by far the most interesting one in my opinion!

Did you ask her if she enjoys the "rear naked choke" position?

I can't wait till this article gets published...You Rock Rosen!

P.S. - I'd pay to watch you and Gina mud wrestle...she might take you otherwise!

Toddrod said...

Wow!!! A Ted from Accounting sighting! It's been a long time dude! Did you see Alison's granny couch?!?!


Anonymous said...

Strategy Room: (The dream debate topic)

"Rachel Maddow vs Bill Schultz in an arm wrestling contest. Who would win? I wonder ......."

Joe said...

The prodigal son returns! Welcome back Ted!!

Are you out on parole?

Brett Jones said...

"Are you out on parole?"

It's his annual conjugal visit week.

Ted from Accounting said...

What is this granny couch nonsense that you speak of!?!?!? What madness has been occurring here?

No need for an annual conjugal visit when I have the warmth and love from my blog-bitch brothers' welcome messages!

Happy Friday you nutty bastards!

Alison Rosen + Gina Carano = Greatest Interview Ever!

Ted from Accounting said...

Ro Ro I don't want to put any peer pressure on you but are you going to post something today? let's get this party started!

Joe said...

Hey Miss R, check out the 6 Strategy Room pics I posted on the Activity Pit. I could only watch about half the show again today, but long enough to see everyone disagree with Ellen Ratner about the auto company bailout.

If she thinks those companies would EVER be able to pay back the loans (if they do get them) she's on drugs. The loans would only keep them going for a few more months - not nearly enough time for them to become profitable.

The only good answer is Chapter 11 bankruptcy/reorganization.

Oh... and you looked FANTASTIC!!