Saturday, December 13, 2008

What I've been up to lately

Hi kids. I've been watching a lot of episodes of M.A.S.H. lately while thinking about a) couches/furniture and b) how I should write a book. That's boring though and doesn't fit in with the image I want you to have of me, so I should add that the space suit arrived and I'm very much looking forward to my biannual trip to the moon. For one thing, I feel very skinny there. It's tough to actually get on the scale though, since it floats around like no one's business. Plus, I just enjoy slamming flags into the cold ground and eating freeze dried ice cream. That's kind of all I do up there. I don't want to ruin the glamorous space-hopping rocket-setting image I just created, but I guess I'm something of a space couch potato. Mostly I just float around stuffing my face with freeze dried ice cream and taking pictures of myself. Sometimes I do somersaults in the air.


Brent said...

I too have been watching M.A.S.H. a lot lately. I 'm not sure why. Perhaps it's the holidays and my long lasting affair with M.A.S.H. makes me feel all warm and gooey inside. Or maybe I won't get my fill of witty hospital related comdrama until Scrubs returns next month, and I'm jonesin'. Or perhaps I simply miss the care free, gin swilling Alan Alda of a bygone era.

You should know that I also love Freeze Dried ice cream. Buying it in the museum gift shop was the best part of field trips when I was kid. In fact when I get married my wedding cake will be a Pineapple Upside Down Cake with vanilla freeze dried ice cream (I'm nixing the freeze dried Napoleon Ice Cream crap...because strawberry ice cream of any kind is disgusting).

Scott said...

Hey--I found some video from the Red Eye Christmas Party:


Joe said...

Alison going to the moon... one heavenly body visiting another.

Can I go too? I don't take up much room. I can stow away in one of the rock boxes and drink Tang. The TV reception on the moon isn't great (no cable) so we'll have to bring along DVDs of MASH and LOST.

(But which MASH do you like best? I prefer Trapper John MASH to B.J. MASH, and Henry Blake MASH to Sherman Potter MASH. I like MASH Classic.)

Brett Jones said...

What have I been up to? Thank's for asking.

Well, today I met with our Fire Chief, a member of the School Board and another member of the Board of Selectmen to work out the location of a boundary line between the school and the fire house. The rest of the day was spent doing the brakes and a winter tune up on my old plow truck.

We've been very busy with fire calls lately (all car wrecks due to icy weather). I had a nice long chat with my mother a few days ago (I never call mom enough). I've been chomping at the bit in anticipation of the season finally of Dexter. It airs Sunday night at 9:00, so don't call because I won't pickup.

Mostly I've just been wondering what Alison has been up to.

Anonymous said...

talking about the moon:

----Lance Armstrong (Fusion of Lance Bass and Neil Armstrong....)

Ted from Accounting said...

Dude, okay, didn't I like recommend a Mash script to you months ago!?!?!?...and now you are totally watching the show! Hmmmm, my influence is great!

Also, a little Ted B. Goodlove Nerd Fact: Besides women and music, I love astronomy and astrophysics (for real). It's only a 3 day trip to the moon... about 247,000 miles plus you need to get in the right orbit! FYI!

Great UFC fights tonight...but no Gina sightings! Argh!

Kevin said...

I hope you are currently working on that book, or at least still thinking about writing it. That would be such a fun read, to know all the interesting thoughts and knowledge of Ali Ro; can you say Gray’s Anatomy, Pt. 2 (The Gray’s Anatomy of comedic knowledge)? I'd buy at least 2 copies... I promise!