Thursday, October 30, 2008

Wherein I talk about my hair for far too long


Toddrod said...

I'm the kind of guy that doesn't notice when a woman get's a haircut. In fact, one time, I was dating this girl, and said to her, "You look different! Did you pluck your eyebrows or something?" She had dyed her hair from dark black to red.


Anh Vo said...

If you want a guy's opinion, it looks fine to me. I don't see anything wrong with it.

Anonymous said...

Quote of the Hair-clip:

"If your a Fan of the Lord of the Rings Character Aragon and plan to watch the movie Eastern Promises, go for it. And if you do not like the shower scene fight , you can always return the DVD back, but not the memory of witnessing Viggo MOrtenson's (BLEEP, BLEEP, BLEEP, BLEEP, BLEEP, Bleep, Bleep).

----Traumatized MOview Viewer

Hugh said...

Where's the beef? Not in your hair. It looks great! And guys: would it hurt to compliment the shoes? (not just Alison's)

Joe said...

Your hair looks great! Really!

One of my sisters has hair just like yours, Alison. It's dark (she says it's dark brown, but it looks black to me) and parted like yours. Hers is naturally straight though and you once said yours has some curl.

But, yeah, she sometimes obsesses about her hair too. Don't most women?

Joe said...

I just had the following conversation with a close friend:

Joe: Did you watch Celebrity Rehab last night?

Joe: Duh... yeah!

Joe: What'd you think?

Joe: No matter how many seasons of the show they do, Jeff Conaway will be on every one.

Joe: His girlfriend too. She's a major drama queen.

Joe: I still can't tell if they love each other or they just love doing drugs with each other.

Joe: Gary Busey is driving everyone crazy. I can't stand his "Buseyisms".

Joe: I know, like "Fear: False Evidence Appearing Real." He's thinks he's there to rescue everyone. He dosen't think he needs help.

Joe: Wrong! I was shocked when Steven Adler said he hasn't been clean for more than 3 days since he was 11. That's 32 years!

Joe: He actually said it was two and a half days. Amber Smith is really sick. After 16 years on pain killers, it must be hell going through withdrawal.

Joe: She used to do drugs with her mother.

Joe: Sweet! My mom used to make me eat my veggies.

Toddrod said...

Woah!!!! Now her hair vlog is back!! I swear it was missing just a moment ago. I thought Alison removed it!!!

I'm so confused!!


Brett Jones said...

I'm completely mesmerized by your face when you speak. It's mostly the mouth, eyes and eye brows that get me, but the cheeks, chin and nose have their moments.

P.S. The manic expression at the end of the vlog, totally frightening.

peter wolfe said...

Really, I think that all women are the same!
Wife: You don't like my hair!!
Me: Oh...It looks GREAT!(I really didn't notice.)
Wife: I don't like it....they screwed it up....I did not want it layered!!
Me: No reallly it look fantastic.
Wife: NO.....I am going back!
So....Mark my will go back by the end of the week! And odds'll still think it sucks! Ha!