Saturday, November 01, 2008

Crapload of screen grabs? But of course!

Here's where I explained that the reason you need a gun in this economy is so you can exercise your constitutional right to shoot anyone who may be trying to repossess your car.

And then here's where I apparently was holding the mic cord.

And then I was going to say that here's where I killed time during an intro because it's tough to figure out what to do during the intro however the lower third (that's fancy TV talk for the words on the screen) make me realize that this is actually where I said that Halloween is fattening and scary and so I hate it. Wait, actually I think I said that later.

And then here's where I was like "I'm too beautiful to be all covered up by words. I demand you un-word me!" and so they did.


Anh Vo said...

I love your facial expressions!

Toddrod said...

You know, I just totally realized something!!! Alison looks totally amazing when she is wearing dangling earrings! Sometimes she wears just regular small earrings, and she looks great. However, "great" isn't the same as "amazing," and who know that some dangling things from the earlobes would have such a dramatic affect... or that effect? Those words always confuse me.


Joe said...

That's one nice crapload of screen grabs!

It's 7:30, but it's really 6:30 because we're turning the clocks back tonight. I've been missing that lost hour since March 8, so it's nice to finally be getting it back. Except I hate it because it gets dark out so early. There's just no pleasing me!

Speaking of the lower third, yesterday CNN starting displaying a countdown clock to the first poll closings on Tuesday. Is that really necessary 4 days in advance? Is everyone but me counting down the hours in nervous poll-closing anticipation? Maybe they should delay the end of Daylight Savings Time until next weekend so the polls will close one hour sooner.

Anonymous said...

Quote of the picture-taking bunch:

"When seeing Arnold Swazennaganager (something like that) speak on behalf of the McCain campaign last Friday, I can't help think that the eloquent person presenting his endorsement is the same person whose rear-end was exposed in the first Terminator film....."