Thursday, October 30, 2008

When $17,999 burns a hole in your pocket

Are you a complete douche? Let the world know with this:


Anonymous said...

Omg, that's more then someone on minimum wage makes in one year.
Although, it does look nice. I'd probably still lose it, lol, I'm hopeless with cell phones.

Brett Jones said...

Yeah, but you're saving more than 2K. With savings like that how can you afford to not buy it.

Joe said...

Wow! Maybe Kirsten Dunst will buy one of those to go with her $13,000 pocketbook.

But if you pay that much for an iPod cover, they should at least throw in one of these too:

Toddrod said...

HEY!!! Alison's hair vlog is missing!!!

I'm afraid to ask why!