Friday, October 03, 2008

Wendy and I updated our chat page!

We did, we did! Because I told her that our readers demand chatting. In fact, when she was in New York she came to the rooftop and we had this conversation:

Alison: We should update our tumblr.
Wendy: Yeah.

And now we've gone and done it! Check it out!


Anonymous said...

Quote of the Page Revival:

"What's up with those commercials they show these days having a worker for a made-up business sneaking into another business to buy their better and more useful products ? "

------Gilbert Grape

Joe said...

Alison and Wendy - together again for the first time (the first time this month anyway.)

To continue on Ted's idea...

As he said, we really need a place to to post comments along with pictures, videos, etc. A real Alison Fan Site. Whether the best place is within the Activity Pit or on Alison's new web site or somewhere else I don't know.

Ted's idea was to start a new group in the Activity Pit. Another option would be to start a whole new site within Ning. It looks like all Ning sites have a similar basic setup scheme, but it seems flexible enough that we could make our new site look unique. You can go into Ning and look at some of the other sites to get an idea.

I kind of like that idea because it would be a totally separate fan site, not just a group within the Activity Pit. Or maybe that would be too big of a leap right now.

The other option would be to post within Alison's new web site. That would certainly work. Would we want Alison's fan area within her own web site? Maybe, I don't know. What do you all think? What do you think, Alison?

We should also have a contest to pick the name for Alison's official fan site. We can all submit ideas and Alison can pick the one she likes best. One that I thought of is "Alison's Rooftop" - a reference to the MINI rooftop but also because NYC rooftops are a place for people to kick back, relax and have fun, right?

Other ideas & thoughts?

Scott said...

I think Alison needs to branch out and start her own interactive website too!

It would be a great way for her to promote herself and hawk her wares~and once she has enough board members she could begin to attract adverti$ing and actually profit from all our inane commentary.

She just needs to hurry up and pick a domain name and get the party started. Hopefully she won't wait too long.....

Toddrod said...

I'm not a huge NING fan, so I'd say having Alison have her own website shouldn't be that difficult. OR use one of those other forum sites. I just don't like NING very much. I've been to other forums that use Simple Is anyone familiar with them?


Ted from Accounting said...

You are the wise ones amongst us Joe and Todd! I'm just the visionary here! Yes, it might be somewhat cheesy to have just a group page on the Pit! Let's see how her website is structured...If there was a forum section...that could give us a place to share comments, pics, videos, etc.

I actually like the Ning stuff but you know the more I think of it...separation from Red Eye and the Pit for her real fan forum would probably be smartest...I mean she just won the funniest reporter award...what is next!?!?!? We really need to prepare as fans...We can't let our celebrity outgrow are fan support can we? I think not!

I say the "Society of BoBo" should table this discussion for the next meeting! Once there is progress on the web page, we can have a better idea of the direction to go in! Plus, this takes the pressure off me and puts it on Brett and Alison! LOL

I hope your weekends were stupendous...I'm worn out, hung over and yet in a great zen!