Thursday, October 02, 2008

The Debate

I just want to rip my skin off and throw it at the television. Also: what kind of hairspray does she use?


Ted from Accounting said...

Dude, wasn't Palin's hair hot!?!?!?

Brett Jones said...

Have you and Wendy broken up? You two were so good together.

Scott said...

Sarah Palin kicked Joe 'Plugs' Biden's Arse!!!!!!!


You're pretty enough to be a Republican and I've kind of got a thing for you so please don't ruin it for me and come out as too overtly liberal (I'm a straight Greg-alogue Cabin Republican :)

Also, I thought about this the other day and since we're on the subject--I think you would make an AWESOME Sarah Palin for Halloween!!!!

I was scrolling down though the pictures of you on your blog and that one towards the bottom w/ your hair up would be perfect if you wore your 'Body Language Expert' glasses too!!! It just works on so many different levels!!! OK--maybe I'm going to too public with a very private place :}

Anyway, you could be a perfect Sarah Palin for Halloween!!--although that might get you assaulted in uber-liberal NYC :( --ALL across America though you would be a HUGE hit(just like the real Sarah is in the Heartland!!!)

Bristol's Mom has got it going on!!

My Aim Is True,


Toddrod said...

I thought it was obvious that Alison was a Democrat? I like that about her though because she is such a conservative Democrat because she likes animals, yet she will drill for oil for those times she needs to rent a car. Politics aside, I hope Alison was able to get her skin back on. Brrrr!!


alison said...

Here is Scott's link. There was an inadvertent typo. (Scott, alas I can't edit in individual comments. I can only approve or delete comments. I'm like a crude sort of God in that way.)

Joe said...

I wanna know what kind of hairspray Joe Biden uses. Grecian Slickback Formula 16, I'm guessing.

Wow - I can't remember the last time something made me want to rip my skin off. Oh wait, it was yesterday. Duh.

I only watched 10 minutes of the debate because at this point after 2 years of campaigning it's all blah, blah, blah, blah to me. Actually more like wah, wah, wah, wah. Kind of like the way the parents talk in the Charlie Brown cartoons.

And I knew instantly that Palin won because she had the bigger flag pin. Case closed.

Did anyone else hate Gwen Ifill's jacket?

Brett Jones said...

"You're pretty enough to be a Republican and I've kind of got a thing for you"

AMR is such a knockout that I'd convert, switch parties or even consider gender reassignment surgery to win her over. Were I a single guy that is.

Also, since AMR used "God" and not Goddess in her reply in this thread I'm going to assume she's not some unwashed, hairy, radical feminist type bent on world domination and the destruction of the patriarchy.

Ted from Accounting said...

Holy shit that was funny Brett! Something tells me you'd proceed with gender surgery as a married man if Goddess Rosen asked...wouldn't we all?!?!! LOL

I've never had a relationship established or damaged over political views...I'm just used to people telling me to "shut up" on my opinions and I just shrug my shoulders and sulk! :)

So I'll crash a democratic "speed dating" night at the bar...anytime! Who's with me?

Ted from Accounting said...


Okay, so I've been thinking about establishing an "exclusive - members only" Alison Rosen Blog Family Group on the Activity Pit! What do you nutty bloggers think? I don't want to go forward with it unless the blog community is in agreement! I try to be "democratic!"

I'm just not sure how many of you are members of The Pit...or if this will add to world peace in any way or!

Brett Jones said...

Do it Ted.

Lets call it a secret society though (someone needs to come up with a good name).

We can all get AMR tattoos, have a secret handshake and start to integrate ourselves into the power structure of American.

We are so going to own Skull and Bones.

Hugh said...

I'm going to purge some voting rolls, gerrymander some districts, and put the fix in after that debate. (A dab'll do ya.)

Toddrod said...

Hey I'm still a member of the Activity Pit. I don't really hang out there much anymore, but I'd like to join this secret society!

How bout the Society of BoBo the Omnipresent Shirt in honor of the blue shirt AMR always is wearing? :p


Joe said...

Ted - I'm in! As long as it doesn't require gender reassignment surgery. You people are starting to scare me. Yes, I like Alison - but there are limits to my devotion.

Ted from Accounting said...

Okay then! It is settled...we will establish this society...Joe will be the only one without a gender transformation...but that is okay because we don't discriminate! I'll work on it this weekend...unless I strike it rich at the speed dating thing! This might even be our first step towards a national fan club!

But really it would be cool to have a place to share thoughts beyond this blog about the blog cuz we can't post pics, etc. on this blog! You get my point!

I was hoping this fan club thing could originate from Ro Ro's website but we all know that isn't happening anytime soon! J/K

Please post more thoughts and commentary on this people inspire me!

I was thinking we need a theme song for the secret club...the them song from "Cheers" "Friends" Elvis Costello's "Alison"...come on people help me out! LOL

Brett Jones said...

Joe, Joe, Joe.

Every Secret Society has it's elaborate and humiliating initiation rituals. Gender reassignment is really a small thing to endure to become a part of the most exclusive and secret of all secret societies.

I guess another option would be to cut off your pinky toe and bury it in the yard of AMR's childhood home.

I'd also recommend that founding members be exempt from all proposed surgery's or digit removal.

Ted from Accounting said...

Good point Brett! Founding members are exempt from these rituals! THANK GOD or Goddess in this case...whatever!

Joe said...

OK - cutting off a pinky toe I can handle. That's an Alison-worthy ritual I can get behind. And if I bury it, who knows what the heck might grow from it. Perhaps a mighty oak.

Ted from Accounting said...

Yes Todd! The Society of BoBo the Omnipresent Shirt is a fine name! I'll leave it open for additional suggestions for now....don't worry though there will be a thread dedicated to Bo Bo and all sightings with screen caps will be welcome!

Brett Jones said...

To: Ted and Alison.

I've often thought it would be awesome to have more of a forum environment than this blog allows.

Alison, I'm not sure what you had in mind for the domain names you registered a while back, but if you're interested in using them and your not sure how to make it happen I'd be happy getting it off the ground for you.

I have a ten year background as a Systems Admin. I can cover all the backend stuff, nuts and bolts coding, etc.

Toddrod said...

Wow, this idea of your's Ted is probably one of the best we've had here in a long time. So what other kinds of rules or rituals can there be for this society? I say that every member must have a picture taken in a shirt that is very similar to the blue shirt that Alison wears everywhere! Might be kinda hard to find one in XXXL mens sizes. hmmmm


Anonymous said...

<20 comments..what record....

alison said...

I don't want to blow your minds however I've decided, upon reading this comment thread, that perhaps now would be the time to let you guys in on an interesting factoid that will likely enhance and perhaps complicate your lives. Okay so here goes: there are TWO blue shirts. One is the one you guys have seen and noticed on TV which has been unofficially named BoBo I'm guessing? Is that what you guys settled on? I also liked Starla! Maybe that could be its stage name? Also, I LOVE that you on your own decided the shirt needed a name because I name everything. I used to have a guitar named Gilbert and a car named Bernice. Anyway, then in real life there is ANOTHER blue shirt which I often wear. I've worn it on TV but it doesn't look so hot on screen because it's a darker blue and it looks better in real life. Whereas the TV shirt I don't wear in real life because it's light enough that I'm sure I'll spill something on it or brush up against something in it because that's the kind of thing I do.

Also, Brett, I would love to talk more about this website offer because I don't know how to do the sites!

Brett Jones said...

Two shirts, you are a complicated lady...

Ted from Accounting said...

Happy Saturday Blog Dogs! Okay, things are picking up steam...keep any names coming as I'll be gone for the is Saturday people and there are fights tonight!

Post your 2 Cents:

The Society of BoBo the Omnipresent Shirt

BoBo's Bastards

Ode to BoBo



I'd really like to get a GOOD AMR background for the page...BoBo related...Can you do that on the PIT!?!?! I think you can customize!

Later you nutty blog things!

Brett Jones said...

I like Starla.

One word, two syllables and a bit mysterious.

Davee Jones said...

If I hear "thanks but no thanks
ta thaat bidge ta nawhere" I really will rip my skin of

Megan said...

Hahahaha! Now THAT's funny!