Thursday, October 02, 2008

love, pickles, scallops

This site—Dear Old Love—is amusing, and it even made me feel some emotion which is kind of unusual these days since I think my heart is tucked away under a thick covering of protective frost. It's not intentional, it's not like I'm making sure my whole chest cavity is kept refrigerated lest I feel something, it's more like it's tough for me to feel certain things right now ("right now" being for about three years). This is after a lifetime of feeling too much and everything though, so maybe I'm just calibrating.

Or maybe I'm just taking inventory after almost dying at the hands of Vlassic last night?

I did a whole bunch of work today on deadline AND I made two scallops. Aren't I so fancy? I think so.


Joe said...

It was reported on the news this morning that Ted Turner is starting a new movie channel called TVM - Turner Vlassic Movies.

OMG - It's not even 7 am yet and I'm already hilarious! Just wait till I have my second cup of coffee.

Brett Jones said...

"Scallops", as in pan seared in butter and sprinkled with a little lemon before eating?


Ted from Accounting said...

"My Aim is True" Miss Rosen...I have a heat lamp for your heart! J/K

But that web page had a funny quote:

Tell Me More

"I love how you always chewed gum when we had sex. It was like doing it with a 50’s carhop."

Funny because, "I'm Guilty!" - Fresh breath is just too important...IMO