Saturday, October 25, 2008

I vlogged for you


hugh said...

If that's the real you, you should be the Alison of vlogs past on Halloween. (I was at the WFMU rekkid fair and picked up your band's bootleg from Glastonbury.)

Joe said...

That's great! - but what's that on your head, Alison? Is that what you wear when performing ancient tribal rituals involving torches, drums, snakes, incantations and a lizard? In other words, just another typical evening in the Rosen household...

I don't believe in charts, but I'm pretty good at reading palms. If you send your left hand to me, I'll be happy to do a reading. From what I've been able to see, your Mount of Venus is quite impressive.

I'm also trained in phrenology, but sending your head through the mail probably isn't practical - they often fold, bend, mutilate and spindle. Then you really would need makeup.

texasEd said...

Thanks for vlogging for us, I really needed that. I really like the hat and the scarf but not the glasses so much. And don't let New York or anything else get you down because you're good enough, you're smart enough and doggoneit, people like you.

Brett Jones said...

We don't talk like we used to. We always say we will but it never jajeyns, ow's etspbt hv quetv fsv, Alison I'm so sorry.

Alison, you're the best internet friend ever and No one can ever take your place. There was this one time when my friend and g usnw pl qtdch ed v wpcz ugrqm pwn t fqkzx plw us wb'q xwyb pema Red Eye. He hadn't. I qmec wn ws arz pl tqcun, ebauz pe mzt wcl nqai exya ntazrwl owaqpw mzs Alison Rosen. Then I tell him "She's drop dead sexy and super funny", "Honestly I think Red Eye would be canceled if she wasn't on regularly". Sadly he's a bit of a tool and started talking about monster trucks and h fav oee nyex "twq, y etts wp cpq xqllaz npxywand", qot zapw y qwpabuzds y gdA lcezmw qpls Alison.

Scott said...

Hey Alison,

Just so you know I'm probably the last guy on Earth that would ever be considered 'Hippy-Dippy' or 'New-Agey'. :)

I don't live or plan my life by Astrology, I'm just somebody who gets interested in different things periodically and likes to learn as much as I can about them. Those things could be the Bible, history, politics, graphology, fishing or numerous others...Astrology just happens to be one of those many things.

I will admit I am fascinated by how people relate and interact with each other and I'm convinced there's Synastry involved in that.

With that said, if I heard your birth time/place right (4:34 am Oakland,CA~USA) on your Vlog then that would make you a 'Double-Taurus' (Sun and Moon) and VERY interestingly that would give you an Aries Ascendant (or Rising) Sign.

The Sun, Moon and the Ascendant (Rising) sign are three of the most important and telling signs a person's Birth Chart.

The Sun sign is how a person understands, processes and relates to many things on a unconscious level. The Moon is how a person relates to things from an Emotional level. In your case you have both Sun and Moon in Taurus so there isn't too much contradiction or conflict there.

Taurus is a Fixed/Earth sign so you probably like tangible things that you can actually see, feel, smell and touch...your home, good food, hugs, cozy furniture, plants, Bank statements etc--but Astrology for example is more abstract and can't physically be touched so it's not as likely to attract or interest you.

Taurus' usually like $ecurity and while not overly superficial long term financial $ecurity is VERY important to them. Being a 'fixed' sign you're probably stubborn about changing your mind on something once it's made up. Taurus is also a conservative sign and despite your cosmopolitan, progressive uber-hip persona...way down deep (even though you probably wouldn't want most people to know) you're actually [gasp] a traditional woman/old fashioned girl.

You also (it appears) have and Aries Rising sign--Aries is a Cardinal/Fire sign--that's where you get your ambition, drive and fun-dynamic personality from.

A person's Rising sign is what we 'project'. It's how others often see us and usually governs much of our physical appearance. If you want to know/understand more about yourself study the sign of 'Aries' along w/ Taurus.

It's hard to be objective about ourselves, but if you look up other Signs of people you know well (parents, siblings, long time friends etc..) you'll be surprised how many of the characteristics they share with their respective sign(s).

I'm not talking about the cheesy horoscopes you see in newspapers--that's a bunch of crap that only makes Astrology look silly. There are several great books I could recommend if you're actually interested. You've mentioned you like to spend time in Barnes and Noble (me too btw)--they've got a decent section on Astrology there--get and EggNog Latte sometime and grab about 6 or 7 Astrology books off the shelves then find one of those big comfy chairs in the back and go to town.

Anyway, you've got and interesting Chart and I could go on and on but it sounds like maybe you're not all that interested.

I don't know if it will come through on your blog because the URL has so many characters, but if it does here's a link to your specific Chart from an free online Astrology site that's pretty good:


Here's your Birth Chart basics if that URL link doesn't work:

The 'Divine Miss R's' Zodiac:

Sun Taurus
Ascendant Aries
Moon Taurus
Mercury Gemini
Venus Cancer
Mars Pisces
Jupiter Aries
Saturn Cancer
Uranus Libra
Neptune Sagittarius
Pluto Libra

My Aim Is True,

'Hippy-Dippy' Scott :)

Toddrod said...

Brett! hahaha

Scott said...


I was pretty sure that URL for your Birth Chart with considerably more detail and description wouldn't work (I guess links or at least really long ones are disallowed).

Anyway, if you do want to read your report (or do charts of people that interest you for free) you can just go through a few steps:



'How to Obtain My Natal Chart'


'Our Free Natal Chart Service'


'Birth Chart'



...or you can just figure out a way to put all off the characters below TOGETHER and into to your browser.

My Aim Is True,


PS~There's still time some left to salvage your weekend...don't let NYC piss on your Cornflakes today. ;)

Brent said...

I don't think your birth chart matters much, because you seem to have turned out pretty great without much consideration for such mysticism. Keep me posted as to when you plan on being on t.v. again - because you are becoming one of my all time favorite random contributors.

And just for the record, I would totally call...if I only had your digits!