Saturday, October 25, 2008

Sometimes I get all deep and stuff

I have oodles of free time. So much that I hardly have a moment to myself. It's always jet skiing and flower pressing and foreign language classes. I nearly whacked my head this morning on an egg-laying chicken as I was making my way out the door to pick up wax for letter embossing. In between the stress of that and the wooziness of giving blood, how can I be expected to fly a kite? And my cribbage partner has given up on me. That's what was on my mind in the shower this morning.

Well, that and the arbitrariness of the days of the week. Why does the day change at midnight? And how different would everything be if it changed at noon? I think this is what you think about when you appear on a show that airs at 3am. I never know which day to assign to it. It really feels like part of the day before, yet technically it's a new day. Hence the arbitrariness because no one really considers midnight a new day unless you're talking birthdays or periods of time you're trying to get through.

I mean yes, it somewhat correlates to the sun, but I don't believe in the sun, so I refute that theory.


Toddrod said...

Sometimes Alison, I wish you had a date to blog about.

Speaking of dates, I had this idea. What if all of Alison's blog readers decided to come to Brooklyn in 2009 to celebrate Alison? We could all meet for lunch, or brunch, or a late breakfast. Maybe Alison would even consider showing up. Maybe she will use some of us to move a couch into her apartment. It would be good. It could be fun.

Anyway, I've been wanting to go to NYC (I've never been there).


Joe said...

Toddrod - I think we can assume that Alison is the kind of person who doesn't kiss and blog. She's too classy for that.

I've always wondered why a week is 7 days long. Why not 6? or 8? And please don't say, "It's always been that way." That answer is not acceptable!

If a week were 5 days long, there would be 73 weeks in a year - so we'd have 73 weekends instead of 52. That's a 40% increase in weekends! Plenty of time for jet skiing and kite flying. And Boggle.

Your Twitter was funny, Alison - seeing a Kerry-Edwards sticker. We're so far behind the times here in Vermont that the other day I saw a sticker that said, "Tippecanoe and Tyler Too" and another that said, "54-40 or Fight." Given the choice, I'd rather fight.

Brett Jones said...

Two things.

First, I'm worried Toddrod is trying to lure all of us to NYC so it's easier for him to kill us off. With all of us out of the picture he'd have Alison all to himself and would finally be able to express his undying love for her.

Second RE Alison's twitter, "There are men in my apartment... fixing my heater." Either that's the best sexual innuendo ever, or her heater is really being fixed.

Toddrod said...

You think "fixing my heater" is sexual innuendo? What about "RE Alison's twitter" for sexual innuendo.

I'm killing you all (or buying a round of beers)!